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April 07, 2004

A live blogospheric circle

Janeane and Sam will be interviewing the blogger I refer to as "Hatrios," and I'll be trying to blog it in almost real-time.


UPDATE: Hatrios is explaining blogging, what is a blog, etc. etc.

Sam and Hatrios are complaining about supposed pandering by Bush. Blacks are only found in GWB's "Compassion" section, and not elsewhere. (Meanwhile, here's an example of the Democratic idea of diversity.)

Hatrios complaining about a picture of Bush with pudgy white men. Janeane chimes in; general Bush-is-anti-women talk ensues. Janeane refers to "partial birth abortion" as "dilation and extraction;" the naming controversy is explained here.

Hatrios is complaining about the Bush TV ad "Wacky" following a report on deaths in Iraq. I'm sure that that evil $hrub planned it that way.

UPDATE 2: Sorry, I nodded off for a moment there. Live blogging will resume momentarily.

UPDATE 3: Oh God, they've invited Hatrios back for another segment. Rush would have pressed the Eject button 15 minutes ago.

UPDATE 4: Janeane attempts to answer the question about AirAmerica not being diverse enough: "We have blacks and gays and Jews and women."

No, Hatrios et al, the anti-AirAmerica "talking point" about not being diverse enough did not come from Alvin Maddox, it's been around for a while. See my link to the article in the Sacramento Observer here.

Hatrios predicts AirAmerica or the success thereof will drive the Right nuts.

Hatrios: "[Hitherto] there hasn't been a platform to answer the idiots and hatemongers on the right."

Hatrios gets yet another "talking point" incorrect. There's no market for explicitly liberal media; the major media is implicitly liberal.

Janeane says you need to cobble together your view of the world from the Nation, Mother Jones, NPR, and Pacifica.

Janeane used the word Manichean. She mispronounced it, but nobody's perfect.

Hatrios tried to say Janeane was the only anti-war personage booked to TV talk shows; Janeane corrected him.

Janeane: "A lot of Fox watchers don't like the ladies."

UPDATE 5: God I hate this job.

P.S. Jaysus does Sam... Seder... talk... slow... You pause for effect. Not... between... each... frigging... word...

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