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April 05, 2004

Pearls from Katrina van den Heuvel

Nation editor KVDH is on Majority Report. Unfortunately, I seem to have missed the DailyKos segment. Excerpts:

Janeane refuses to call the Iraq War a "war." Instead, it's an "invasion and an occupation."

Janeane to KVDH: "you're part of the press, part of the Good Guys"

KVDH says the print press in Moscow is as free as the print press in NYC; only Russia's television media is restricted.

Janeane: "there's no liberal bias in the media." KVDH agrees: "If you ask Bill Kristol [among others], they admit they made up the liberal media as a device."

KVDH, Janeane, and Steven Colbert from The Daily Show formed into a circle and whined about how stoopid most Americans are...

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