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May 14, 2004

"A bumpy takeoff for Air America liberal radio network"

Reading this article almost makes me want to move to New York and get a job at Air America. Any job will do, I just want to help them build the society of tomorrow. I may have more to say about my "fantasy" of moving to New York later, but for now, let's all read this article:

Last week, Al Franken and Katherine Lanpher basked in the warm spring sun outside the Park Avenue skyscraper that serves as hub to the Air America radio network. Their distinctive laughs bounced off the courtyard wall as the pair relaxed after their 3-hour show.

I can practically hear their chortles echoing in the warm New York spring air.

"The O'Franken Factor" had been good that day. Good guests. Good energy. Things were looking up.

Uh oh. What's the strange music I hear? Like, I heard that in a movie or something.

Fifteen minutes later they went upstairs for a staff meeting, where they learned that two of the network's top executives had resigned, the second management shake-up in as many weeks. The good news was that their paychecks, delayed for 24 hours, would now be distributed.

"There was a glitch," Franken acknowledged later. "There was a little gallows humor, then everyone was sort of anxious to get back to work..."

That's the spirit, Al!

"It turned out there wasn't as much money as Evan said there was," Franken said. "That's why we're hitting a temporary little rough patch and why he's gone. Some heroes have come in and are keeping us going, and hopefully this will get restructured..."

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