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June 24, 2004

The Randi Rhodes Debate

randi rhodes facing right

"When I turn my head this way, I look like someone you'd like to get to know. I'd entertain you with my sparkling conversation and quick wit."

randi rhodes facing right

"But, then I'd turn my head this way, and you knew I was about to say something both caustic and really way far out there."

Sure, I realize some people dislike her accent. I, for one, don't. I don't find her all that difficult to listen to. The problem is not the way she speaks, it's the wacky things she says.

One of Air America's listeners - I forget who, but it shouldn't be hard to find out which one - said Randi was complaining about, er, "not getting any." The Lonewacko Blog could help in that capacity.

What about you? What is your opinion of Randi? Let's have a poll!

Posted in RandiRhodes at June 24, 2004 10:38 PM


No wonder she doesn't get any.... it's not looks, it's the way one talks and acts. when you call the president a "douche" on the radio (I was one of the 12 people listening to them literally crying after they lost) you lose any credibility you may ever have had. Nobody likes a loudmouthed, sarcastic, controlling bitch. It's not us, it's you.

Posted by: Sneaky Pete at December 17, 2004 12:38 PM

She's a brainless cunt.

Posted by: Jaibones at April 27, 2005 08:38 AM

i hope people understand she's not a real populist.read the transcripts of her with nader.what she is is a parrot for the Democratic party,she rides the party line and repeats their propaganda.she is so arrogant and annoying and man she never shuts her fuckin yap.the truth is about people like that is like The Wizard of OZ,she talks big but face to face she would be a big screaming pussy, I believe me she is a big giant weak person.

Posted by: andrew at March 24, 2006 06:24 AM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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