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July 12, 2004

Stuart Smalley: "not all show biz is liberal"

Stuart attempts to downplay the So-Called Liberal Show Business in "Franken gives voice to liberals' dissatisfaction":

"You hear a lot about Hollywood liberals. The names are pretty high profile. But there is a lot less of that than you might think," Franken said. "And I don't think it's as though all of show business is liberal. I mean, look at country music. It's a huge business, and it is almost universally conservative."

While a surge in lefty partisanship may have sparked the desire to create show-biz personality-driven Air America, it says something about marketplace realities that the business end of the network continues to flounder...

But Franken puts a brave face on Air America's chances for survival. He calls it "the No. 1 provider of audio streaming on the Internet" and says "a large infusion of new cash" is imminent. The network's parent company is known to be scurrying to reorganize its business structure...

"Over the last couple weeks, I think the show has really come together," [co-host Katherine Lanpher] says. "It's gotten better."

...Franken likes his idea for what he calls "The Love Train."

The what?

"It'd be a train, literally. We'd put out a call to all these musicians. I think we'd get plenty if we'd just ask. Then, we'd ride across country, stopping in towns along the way and putting on shows. I think it'd be a great organizer and motivator."

I realize Stuart's comedy is, er, "subtle," but I think he's being serious, I really do.

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