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April 04, 2005

"Al Franken is really like a genius"

The titular quote is from Danny Goldberg, the new CEO of Air America. Nikki Finke (who identifies herself as "a regular unpaid contributor on Air America shows") interviewed him for the L.A. Weekly (which makes the L.A. Times look like the Washington Times) in "Goldberg Flies Air America":
...Gone are the monologues and monotones of former politicians Mario Cuomo and Jim Hightower and even lawyers like Alan Dershowitz. Just as Democracy Radio sought out converted former Republican and ex–football player Ed Schultz, whose syndicated show has gone from two radio outlets to 77 in the past year, Air America also thought outside the box.

It offered gigs to liberally attuned comedians Al Franken, Janeane Garofalo and Marc Maron as well as media and politics veterans Marty Kaplan, Laura Flanders and Mark Riley. Expecting Franken to go head-to-head with Limbaugh in many markets was a huge risk for such a radio and political neophyte. Even liberals who had heard he would be the cornerstone of Air America’s programming feared Franken would make a fool of himself. But when Goldberg began listening to him, "I thought, 'My God, Al Franken is really like a genius.' He’s brilliant at taking complicated issues and, with a strict focus on the facts and logic, refuting conservative arguments. To be involved with somebody like that is such an honor." And he also describes as "very good" Randi Rhodes, who, before Air America gave her a national platform, was beating Rush Limbaugh in the ratings in her Palm Beach County listening area.

Public Enemy rapper Chuck D and eight-time Grammy nominee Steve Earle have new shows...
I note that Chuck D's bio is still on AirAmerica's site, right under the graphic of a smiling Jerry Springer. Does he have a new show that replaces Unfiltered?

Anyhoo, while Nikki Finke might be a real entertainment reporter (it was she who broke the news about Ronald Reagan's death by calling in to Drudge's radio show and convincing him she was a real reporter), wouldn't it have been a bit better to send someone who's not affiliated with the network to do the interview?

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