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April 18, 2005

Megan Hils obsessive about social security

Kimberly Shroyer in the Queen City Forum has the scoop on Springer sidekick Megan Hils:
...And her charm isn't manufactured. As the female sidekick to Springer and Jene Galvin, she joins two men who have been friends and political allies since the 70s on this cutting edge liberal call-in radio show based in Cincinnati . She doesn't pretend to be naturally schooled in politics. Galvin quips, "She's in the room because she says to young listeners and female listeners, 'Hey, I'm in this.' They have someone in there that is like [them]."

Megan says her charm has nothing to do with it; she changes the dynamic of who is listening and how it's received. "I think I bring a youth perspective. I'm a little more center of the road than [Jerry and Jene]; they're extreme for anybody. I don't agree with Jerry and Jene on everything, but I think it's good to bounce ideas off of each other."

This year's election brought out many people who normally do not vote. Hils connects to that feeling as she intangibly grows with her listeners. "I have formed much stronger opinions about everything. For example, Social Security didn't really ever enter my daily thought. And now it's something I'm constantly thinking about; just every day things that I didn't realize how political they are..."
Note that that page includes two huge photos inline, both featuring Hils. While Hils is certainly interesting, Kimberly steals the show.

And, we learn that Jerry Springer has eschewed the Queen City for doing his part of the show from the Windy City.

(Via this)

UPDATE: I meant to discuss this in the post, but I forgot. You'll note that the tagline for the Queen City Forum is "always in it, always on it, always want it." And, you'll note that Jene Galvin says "I'm in this" and "They have someone in there".

You might be confused over this use of "in [something]", and you aren't alone. However, that usage is specific to the Queen City. In other words, they're Cincyisms. Roughly translated into English, to say that you're "in it" means, "I'm committed to building international Communism and struggling against the reactionary counterrevolutionary bourgeoise oppressors of the proletariat." Like I said, it's a Cincy thing.

Posted in PureClass at April 18, 2005 08:52 PM


Have you actually listened to the Springer show? I do almost every day, for some good "Plan 9 From Outer Space"-type entertainment value. This woman is "a part" of the show in only the smallest, insignificant way. She does not speak live on the show AT ALL, and neither does Gene Galvin. Repeat, not one word, ever. When the show was just local, Galvin occasionally would speak, Megan might giggle. I swear I am not exaggerating. Since they started with Air America, even Galvin has gone silent. I don't know if they're even there. I can't emphasize how wrong this article is: Hils and Galvin might be there but they ARE NOT HEARD LIVE, EVER. Maybe twice a show Megan might be heard doing an imitation of Laura Bush for about 10 seconds just before the commercials. That's it. But conversing with Jerry, talking with callers, never. NEVER. This article is totally bogus.

Posted by: Rich at April 22, 2005 06:16 PM

Wow, someone really listens to this show.

Posted by: Ironmike at April 30, 2005 07:38 AM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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