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April 26, 2005

Putting Air America's Winter 2005 ratings into their proper perspective

I enjoy writing this blog, and the last thing I want is for Air America to go under. So, I'd like to present the bright spots in AAR's latest ratings.

Both Brian Maloney and Byron York ("Air America’s Year of Decline") seem to be taking a great deal of glee in putting forth misleading information about Air America.

Both Maloney and York point out that the ratings for WLIB - AAR's flagship NYC station - remain the same as they did when the station broadcast Caribbean music and talk.

But, that's just it: WLIB's ratings have not "tanked," they've held steady! Imagine if WLIB had converted to, say, All Gary Numan, All the Time. Where would they be now? So, in a way, WLIB's ratings are higher than they would have normally been. In other words, compared to what might have happened, WLIB's ratings have seen a dramatic increase.

They also point out that WLIB is #31 on Long Island. Do you know how many radio stations there are on Long Island?

As for Los Angeles' KTLK, yes, they are indeed in 44th place and tied for last. Stations lower than that aren't even tracked. At first that might seem a bit grim.

But, let's look at the bigger picture and imagine if they'd converted KTLK into something like Urdu Chat. In that case, they might possibly have even been off the chart! It was the Air America format that kept KTLK on the chart!

Urdu Chat or the Phlebotomist Channel would have caused them to sink to oblivion.

AAR saved the day for KTLK!

Plus, Stephanie Miller is charging in to raise KTLK to at least #43 or #42.

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