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April 15, 2005

Random musings April 15 2005

Eclipse Ramblings informs the world that two unspecified Air America hosts on an unspecified AAR station don't know the difference between an Uzi and an AK-47: "To make such nonsensical statements, the on-air "personalities" at Err America have to be woefully ignorant or are knowingly telling lies. Either one is not good."

On the other side of town, geographic unknown let's us all know: "Next Wednesday, April 20th, Mike Malloy the overnight host on Air America is going to have a Freeper call-in show for the first hour of his show."

And, concerning our post "Liberal hypocrisy at Air America?" I left a comment at springerontheradio.com (Springer's official blog) asking if Team Springer! had a comment on the article "Ethnic Cleansing at Air America". Let's see how long the comment stays there and if it gets a response.

I also note that the sitemeter stats for Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!'s blog are public, and they don't look too good: an average of 1345 unique visits per day.

Not that this blog's stats look too good either, but then again I don't have my own national radio show and I don't have backlinks from:

[... and probably many more radio stations...]

I note that the google search jerry springer radio has Jerry's site as #3, so it's not like google is ignoring him. Despite that, he shows almost no google traffic.

I think it's a combination of two factors: no one really cares, and Jerry's fans only have computer access at libraries and other public facilities.

4/16/05 UPDATE: I looked at Springer's stats again and his daily average has gone down. And, out of 100 referrals he got maybe a dozen from google. He does have a lot of hits listed without a referral, so those might be type-ins or bookmarks. But, even so if it were my blog I'd be very curious as to why I'm getting so little SE traffic.

Posted in PureClass at April 15, 2005 11:10 AM


One of the two ignorant or lying Err America jocks was Stephanie Miller, and the other was her usual "Ja" man.

Posted by: Mark at April 21, 2005 06:44 AM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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