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April 16, 2005

The thoughtful side of Jerry Springer

Despite the title, "Taking out the trash" from the Chicago Tribune is a generally favorable portrait of America's favorite liberal. Grab a chair and check it out:
..."We did sophisticated polling and focus groups, and there's no question the show is a negative," [Dale Butland, Springer's political spokesman] says. "People are willing to get past it, but what they also said clearly is that there has to be some separation between him and the show."

..."We like the other side of Jerry--the thoughtful guy who has been a politician and policy-maker," says Jon Sinton, Air America's co-chief operating officer.

Sinton says the network was a little worried that listeners would react negatively to Springer, but early feedback has been surprisingly positive.

Springer "is a richly complex guy, and his TV persona melts away in the first 30 seconds you listen to his show," Sinton said. "He's a great spokesperson for a large number of Americans..."

[...describes a visit to a taping of the Springer (TV) show...]

"This is a guy who exploits human misfortune for a living," says Jason Mauk, a spokesman for the Ohio Republican Party. "And he expects that somehow Ohioans are shallow enough to set that aside and elect him to office. He has no moral or ethical ground to stand on."

"He's got a fat wallet," Mauk says. "They hope he'll drop a couple dollars while he's walking by. The number of people who hate him or what he represents--maybe not him personally--far outweighs the political support he needs to win in Ohio..."
Springer might run for governor of Ohio, and he has until February to get his name on the ballot. But, for now he's concentrating on serving as liberalism's spokesman on Air America.

The Trib also publishes a sidebar entitled "Springer's career":
...1974: He resigns from the Cincinnati council after police raid a Kentucky massage parlor and find a personal check Springer had written to a prostitute. He apologizes and is re-elected a year later...

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