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May 08, 2005

Air America Milwaukee could get at least 1879 listeners

Milwaukee County WI has almost a million people (and falling). Out of those, a whopping 1879 have signed the petition to bring Air America to Milwaukee. The petition appears to have been available for a while. A newer petition is now trying to get more than twice that number of new signatories by May 31. Here's a helpful tip from 2002:
WTMJ-TV, the NBC affiliate in Milwaukee tonight aired an undercover investigation at a group home for mentally disabled patients in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where campaign workers for Jim Doyle, democratic candidate for governor were handing out small amounts of money and free food to the residents. They then were herded upstairs into a separate room and given absentee ballots to cast their vote for governor.
But seriously, the newer petition is funny as hell:
For too long Milwaukee radio has been the home to basically one side of the political turf. It’s been loud, many times crude and extremely partisan – giving the GOP hundreds of hours of free air time. Our airwaves and ears have been fed a steady diet of distortion and this format has brought out the worst in our community and our politics.

In many ways much of the views and policies advanced by our Radical Conservative talk show hosts have held back our development both culturally and economically by making our city look backward and narrow-minded...

Posted in Meta at May 8, 2005 08:38 PM


No liberals on Milwaukee radio?


In the words of Doctor Evil: "Riiiiigggght"

Posted by: Dave at May 9, 2005 07:12 AM

Umm, read before you link. That radio host is out of Madison on a station that doesn't reach Milwaukee.

Posted by: Milwaukeean at May 11, 2005 06:45 PM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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