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May 23, 2005

Breaking: Congress Media Bias Forum cancelled?

The media bias forum featuring Al Franken, Randi Rhodes, David Brock, Walter Duranty, a BBC reporter, and others might have been cancelled, DUmmies report. There's apparently a rule against radio broadcasts from the Capitol, and VRWC forces might have prevented the panel from being held.

An alternative suggestion for my Democratic friends: hold it at the same place the Libertarian Party holds their conventions, the Manassas Motel 6.

UPDATE: This is looking more and more like the DUmmies were in a pot-induced haze and misheard things. They say that Lynn Cullen announced the cancellation on WPTT. Yet, that's hardly an AAR station or format. And, Conyers' office didn't know anything about this, and the lady who answered the phone at WPTT didn't either. And, Randi Rhodes didn't say anything about this and there's nothing in her forums. And, WPTT informed me that Cullen will speak to some Senators in Washington tomorrow. So, I'm going to guess that she referred to something entirely unrelated to Randi's big day being cancelled, and the DUmmies were too stoned to realize the difference.

So, while we're waiting for the big Franken-Rhodes-Duranty panel, enjoy the following display of liberal paranoia:

Monday is spooking me. We got both Randi and Al testifying on 'all things media'. We all know that both have the gonads to tell em like it is, and certain folks don't want to hear 'like it is'. I really am worried. Something happens, I'm going Ninja Warrior, cause nothing will ever be the same. I am thinking they're going to 'Wellstone' them...

UPDATE 2: Latest report here.

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