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May 16, 2005

Laura Flanders: surrender now!

Laura Flanders, host of her own show on weekend nights, recently penned the screed "Democracy, What Democracy? Troops Out Now":
...let's be clear: lots of British Labour voters chose Lib-Dem candidates this election because Liberal Democrats, unlike Labour, are the only political party that opposed the invasion of Iraq. Why does the war take a higher toll on Blair than Bush? Because there's somewhere for anti-war sentiment to go and because thousands of British voters, even many with a long loyalty to the Labor Party, voted against Blair this year. Even people with a huge stake in the economy -- or people who depend on Blair's social policies -- took the gamble and voted against him. And they could, because there's not a two-party lock down electoral system. And they got what they wanted, a Labour Party victory, but chastened. Blair's still PM but sobered up. People took a risk and didn't succumb to the bully media who told them the sky would fall if they voted their dissent. And that's exactly what it'll take right here...

...the political winds shifted on [Vietnam] not because of anti-war protests but because Americans got tired of the war. They simply stopped giving the president the benefit of the doubt, and started doubting the war.

They started calling not just for the war to be deemed wrong, but for it to be ended; for troops to be brought home, now. Not one more death for a lie. It 's not going to get better; it's only going to get worse...
UPDATE: I don't know what the first comment is refering to. I never said Laura Flanders was on Unfiltered. This site keeps track of all of Air America's hosts no matter how insignificant, and I would never make such a mistake. And, this entry has always been what you see above: there was never a mention of Unfiltered or a supposed role of Laura Flanders on that show. I think the first commentor is a Eurasian or Eastasian disruptor.

UPDATE 2: On a related note:
[Sacramento News and Review]: CounterPunch just did a piece on Air America cheerleading the Democratic Party. ["Al Franken is a Big Fat Phony"] Yet, mainstream media continue to portray the network as some sort of fringe outpost.

[Alexander] Cockburn: Right, as the cutting edge of Bolshevik activism! Isn't it insane? I mean, Air America? My darling niece Laura Flanders is on it as a hostess, but, I mean, really.

Posted in AlsoRans at May 16, 2005 08:14 PM


Laura flanders was never on unfiltered she has had a weekend show since the launch of aar-

Posted by: UR RETARDED at May 18, 2005 10:02 PM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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