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May 14, 2005

Mike Malloy has the truth about 9/11?

One of his listeners reports:
Mike Malloy... was ranting about Bush and Ridge and the terror colors and Bush's poll numbers, etc... well, he just starts going off, challenging Right-wingers to deal with the orchestration going on and before I know it, he's saying something about the people who orchestrated 9/11 and then he says that it wasn't an airliner that went into the Pentagon... he said it, point blank, on nationally syndicated radio... he obviously knows... I would encourage all truthers to contact Mike or post on his message board and encourage him to speak more about 9/11...
Truthseekers to keyboards! Hopefully Mike will tell us all he knows so we can stop this fascist dictatorship for blood and oil! Of course, he's said things like this before.

Speaking about that:
I listen to Air America, and hear how the speakers are all so amazed at the behavior of the Neo-Cons. They can't seem to get inside their heads. No matter, someone already solved the puzzle. Wilhelm Reich, the great German Jewish Atheist(Austrian?) psychiatrist who lived in the Nazi era, hit the nail on the head with his pamplet Mass Psychology of Fascism, which analyzed the fascist psyche, broke it down...

Whether Swaggert and his streetwalkers, or Tammy Faye's husband, or Guckert, the male prostitute with top journalist clearance for White House press conferences, or Jim West, the pedophile conservative, or Ann Coulter, with her preference for casual sex with bar room aquaintances...
Whoa! My truthseeker certainly perked up its ears about that last bit. Unfortunately, one would think that if this wasn't just BS there'd be more search results from the usual suspects, but I think that last is just a typical Air America listener imagining things.

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