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May 11, 2005

Randi Rhodes gets rave reviews

I certainly think Randi Rhodes is entertaining. The DUmmies agree with me, albeit for different reasons. Herewith selected comments from "Is Randi Rhodes Entertaining?":
- Each one Franken, Schultz, Rhodes, etc., have something different to offer. Each one is extremely well informed and quite capable of dealing with the radical con-caller. I have learned something or have had my own opinions confirmed by each one of them.

- At first, I had all sorts of middling feelings about her. I came to understand that she is probably the most ethical, intelligent person on the planet. She's brave, deep, and damned cool. Of all liberal hosts, I get the most hard information and solid opinion from her. The front is just a front. She's it. She and Barbara Boxer. And Mike Malloy. I love these people.

- She would have made a great teacher, but I am very glad to call her a spokesperson for my causes and values.

- Don't care for her. I think she's rude and crass.

I know some Dems would prefer to hear a ladylike NPR type calmly discussing the latest solar energy initiative. But this country is in big trouble, and somebody has to point that out LOUD and clear.
In other DUmmy news, they also discuss the Counterpunch article "Al Franken is a Big Fat Phony" in "Is Al Franken a supporter of the DLC and its position on the Iraq War?"

Posted in RandiRhodes at May 11, 2005 05:26 PM


Randi Rhodes is a necessary antidote to the Rush Limbaughs, Scarboroughs, Hannitys, O'Reillys, etc. Their ilk will never be countered by a dainty lady or an Alan Colmes. BTW, guess who picked Colmes to be Hannity's punching back on Fox news? Why, Hannity the Coward, of course!

Posted by: lodger16 at June 24, 2005 12:42 PM

Randi Rhodes says she has 5-10 million listeners. HUH?? Washington
D.C.'s station that broadcasts Air America ratings are 0.2 not 2.0 but
0.2!!! She seriously beleives she can influence the House to draw up
articles of impeachment for Bush. She spewed on and on last year that
if Bush is relected-He will reinstate the draft, overturn Roe vs Wade,
He will produce Osoma Bin Laden (because Osama was sleeping in the
Lincoln bedroom? I quess), right before the election, go to war with
Iran......and when Bush won fair & square, she went on and on like a
sour apple spewing hellion, the elections were rigged. Bottom line-
Randi Rhodes is mentally ill.

Posted by: Nascarman at June 24, 2005 02:06 PM

Baghdad Betty can be distinguished from Tokyo Rose for one very salient reason. Baghdad Betty does not broadcast from Iraq --she broadcasts from New York City.

World War II gave us Tokyo Rose, the Japanese radio broadcaster whose job it was to demoralize American troops. Seoul City Sue did the same thing for the North Korean communists during the Korean War. Hanoi Hanna was the Vietnamese communist version.

Today we have Baghdad Betty. However, Baghdad Betty can be distinguished from the aforementioned for one very salient reason. Baghdad Betty does not broadcast from Iraq -- she broadcasts from New York.

Baghdad Betty aka Randi Rhodes is one of Air America’s premier talk show hosts. Actually, Randi Rhodes is a nome de microphone. According to a recent Ann Coulter column, her real name is a secret.

I first heard Rhodes about a year ago during a trip to Fort Lauderdale. After about twenty minutes of her repeating Bush and Nazi I realized she was incapable of an original thought so I changed the station.

I have not listened to Air America since I wrote about the network when it first began broadcasting. I felt it might be interesting to get their current perspective. So I tuned in recently to listen.

I began with the 10 AM show of Lizz Winsted and Rachel Maddow. I skipped the noontime Al Franken show and returned for Baghdad Betty/Randi Rhodes. What I heard was a rebroadcast of her show of several weeks earlier. Listening to Baghdad Betty’s dialogue with a caller named Dave and her subsequent monologue I learned:

“We (the United States) invaded an unarmed country (Iraq).”

“We (US) bombed the hell out of “unarmed country ( Iraq).”

“They (Iraq) had no air force”

“We (US military) are torturing the people we went to liberate (Iraqis).”

“They (the Iraqi people) waited a year for us to take care of them. We didn’t. Then they found out about us torturing people that is what created the insurgency.”

“Every single solitary military guy,” said there were not sufficient troops in Iraq.

Just imagine: all this disinformation was from just one show. One can only imagine what Baghdad Betty says on a regular basis. Her rant was pure propaganda. One only wonders if she is a dupe of the antiwar crowd or intentionally deceiving people.

Whichever it is none of what she said was true. For example:

If Iraq were an “unarmed country” as she said, then maybe she could explain how Lance Corporal Andrew Julian Aviles was killed when an Iraqi artillery round struck his amphibious assault vehicle on April 7, 2003.

If we did “bomb the hell out of an unarmed country” then she should explain the December 1998 CNN report stating, “Iraqi forces would shoot at warplanes patrolling the no-fly zones.”

If Iraq did not have an air force as Baghdad Betty says, then why did the December 2002 Daily Telegraph say, “An Iraqi warplane shot down an unmanned US surveillance drone yesterday, threatening to escalate the tension in the region as America builds up its forces for a possible war early next year. Why did a 2001 UPI story claim, “Since December 1998… [there are] more than 160 incidents of Iraqi aircraft violating the zones.”

Baghdad Betty claimed the Iraqi people waited for a year for us to do something to help them then, when we did not help them, and seeing the photographs from Abu Ghraib, the insurgency began. If this were true why is it that the November 13, 2004 New York Times reported, “nearly 18 months after the Iraq insurgency began in May 2003.” (italics mine) Why is it that the nonprofit think tank Jamestown Foundation wrote on June 17, 2004, “insurgency began in May 2003 with the outbreak of violence by the Sunni Arab population.”

According to Baghdad Betty, we are torturing the people we were liberating.

Does she think SSGT Joseph Darby was torturing prisoners? He was the person who told officials about the illegal conduct by guards at Abu Ghraib. What about all the other troops who investigated and prosecuted these abuses? Are they all guilty of torturing innocent Iraqis or Iraqi prisoners.

She also said that “every single solitary military person, “said more troops were needed. Yet, General Tommy Franks was quoted as saying July 7, 2003, “more troops not needed for Iraq.”

Baghdad Betty said we do not have any trouble murdering people in this country, while drawing the parallel to capital punishment here and the snuff films broadcast by the terrorists.

There is a report that she once advocated the assassination of President Bush during her broadcast.

Her biography says she was in the Air Force. If this is to be believed her insulting of the military is outrageous. Her biography also says she is a “smoky-voiced Brooklyn native” (This explains why I thought she was merely doing a bad imitation of Barbra Streisand).

She is completely without credibility. Randi “Baghdad Betty” Rhodes is to talk radio what “Tikrit” Teddy Rall, who said Pat Tillman was an idiot, is to newspaper cartoons.

They are fools. BTW her real name is [deleted since that's not widespread knowledge; sorry --Lonewacko]..

Posted by: Nascarman at July 1, 2005 03:24 PM

Every time I listen to Randi I can espect that within 5 minutes she has said that Bush is an idiot, a liar, and evil. She repeats this line of attack on Bush and others she doesn't understand ad nauseum. Her show is hate talk at it's bect.

Posted by: Karl Machschefes at November 16, 2005 09:52 PM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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