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May 15, 2005

Taking on Air America's bourgeoise patriarchal hegemony for the people!

Our counter-reactionary sources have drawn our attention to this article that was published at the Portland IMC. In "Commercialized Progressive Talk Radio Shows Its True Colors", comrade Jen Amos educates:
...I can no longer listen to three hours of the most entertaining, progressive radio. The new CEO of Air America thought it best to replace Unfiltered with three hours of -- drum roll please - Jerry Springer. Yes, the same Jerry Springer who's ads for re-runs of his TV show run side-by-side with ads for "Girls Gone Wild"...

In fact, progressives can listen to men - mostly white men - for the majority of the time on this "progressive" station -- save for the respite of the Randi Rhodes show and the Majority Report which is co-hosted by Jeanne [sic, it's actually Janeane, or as I call her, Mmmmm Janeane] Garofalo. But be prepared to hear Garofalo chastised about proper etiquette by her co-host Sam Seder...

...You can take you're big boy toys and play with yourselves as you've shown me that you have no balls. I'll go back to finding women's and African American voices on Pacifica radio, Internet streams, and the print media.
(Via this)

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Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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