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May 27, 2005

The only question is what year she lost it

The title is my answer to a 1000+ posts DUmmy's question "Is Randi Losing it?" The popular opinion appears to be Rhodes has some rough edges, but lay off. However, the DUmmies aren't so kind to lovable and cuddly reformed conservative Ed Schultz. In his case, several posters use the "A-word". One poster even says that Ed called my third favorite AAR personality "Randi Slut". That has not been confirmed.

Showing that perhaps there's hope for "liberals", another 1000+ poster says, "I don't always like Randi and sometimes the humor on Al Franken is so unfunny it makes me physically ill..."

Another poster has some constructive criticism:
I was dismayed last night when she talked over Sen. Boxer, interrupting her with her own comments and not letting Boxer get her point across in one piece. Boxer was good, agreed with Randi's points but I was unhappy that Randi talked so much. I really like Randi and think she adds a great deal to progressive talk radio, having been in the service and all. I want her to stay on the air. She has passion. I just wish she would listen more, especially when she has the opportunity to have our wonderful Barbara Boxer on the line.
Speaking as a native New Yorker, 1000+ poster Eleny informs:
I feel that your analysis of her style as being a product of her being a New Yorker, to put it mildly and respectfully, has its flaws. And I choose not to give her a break this time around. There are times when she needs to get a grip and this is one of them.
Someone with just 21 posts who's obviously a FReeper disruptor chimes in:
I can't stand that loud mouth. She is the embodiment of annoying egotistical loudmouth know it alls' everywhere. She's completely obnoxious. I like Air America and really like Al Franken, but after trying to listen to Randi Rhodes about a dozen times, I came to the conclusion that I hate her and her show. She makes discussion points that are so trite and meaningless it makes my head want to pop off. I was listening to her talking about G Bush wanting Osama's head chopped off, and she dedicated half her show to that. There are millions of Democrats and Independents out there thinking "good", F#$@ Osama. I personally hope he is burned alive.
Our last comment comes from ladylib:
I appreciate Randi because she's incredibly knowledgeable, but jeez Louise, she will NOT shut up! She verbally mows over everybody in her path and it doesn't matter if they're right, left, or center. Hey Randi, try LISTENING to your listeners. You might learn something from them. And, no Randi, I do not want to hear "bounce your boobies" again. It was embarrassing and stupid the first time.
You mean the bumper music she used for the Boxer appearance?

Posted in RandiRhodes at May 27, 2005 07:30 PM


Barbara Boxer appeared on her show??? Good. Hopefully, somebody will ask the good senator why she appeared with a talk show host who has now told two assassinate-Bush jokes. Watch her squirm out of that one.

Posted by: Scott at May 28, 2005 09:53 PM

let me tell you about randi rhodes. she is a former rock dj who has openly bragged of meeting and performing sexual favors for rockers. she is not a college grad but once implied she was an attorney (until confronted on air by real attorneys)> i listen to talk radio. i have for years. i particularly enjoy listening to the very best, and oddly, the very worst. rhodes is the worst ive ever heard. she is comic relief in that she tries to be serious. here are just a few examples of her stupidity when she was on in south florida.

1. she did an ad on her show for a prostate medication...except she called it prostRate for months until corrected.

2. to date, she says lackSadaisical, accrediDation, subsTidies and misuses even more words.

3. she bragged about her soldier father, lying face down in the snow in germany during wwii...a hero fighting the COMMUNISTS. when a caller politely reminded her that russia was an ally in wwii, she attacked him and then to save face, blamed the episode on her father whom she said was suffering alzheimers and thought he was fighting communists.

4. she had james randi (magician and master debunker...the amazing randi) on her florida show and related how a healer had created a burst of light when she and her cancer stricken sister had gone there for a cure. james randi politely assured her this was just a parlor trick but randi rhodes was insistent that it was for real as she could not be fooled!!! it was obvious that james randi was taken aback by her stupidity/gullibility.

5. randi bragged openly of being jobless once. and even though replacement work was available, she laid out of work until the unemployment benefits ran out. only then, did she take a job. this is a great american???

6. she has bragged about being "airwoman of the year" while in the air force during the 1970s. i have been unable to find such an award or designation. i seriously doubt her on this.

7. randi thought OJ was innocent!!! she maintained this stance until almost the trial end. she now says she did this because the station insisted she do it to balance out another on air talent who thought OJ guilty. this was clearly a lie. again, she is stupid. (she had once shared an elevator with OJ and found him extremely attractive and sexy.)

8. randi has bragged about her producer husband (really a videographer in pompano beach, florida and now her ex husband) making tons of money...gambling millions on projects that often dont even happen. in truth, he is a dope smoking videographer.

9. randi appeared on the sally jesse raphael show with 2 women of radio. randi had a preplanned spiel and was so eager to perform it....when sally asked her a question, randi just launched into her spiel which was irrelevant to the question. btw...her videographer husband was shown sitting in the audience watching this...complete with yellow and some missing teeth.

10. randi brags on-air about being a genius. once after struggling with a very simple math question and still coming up with the wrong answer, a caller phoned in and corrected her and asked how such a self proclaimed genius could not do basic math. randi, totally serious, responded "i cant do basic math...i can only do advanced math!!!"

11. randi had vacationing joan rivers (of palm beach) on her show. randi was involved in contract renegotiations at the time and tried to involve a reluctant joan rivers in her negotiations. joan listened to her for a few minutes when randi finally said...."joan, you've seen what i can do. should i sign or hold out for more?" joan rivers said "randi, SIGN THAT CONTRACT NOW!!!!" then joan left the studio and randi called her an aging has-been and other unflattering things.

12. randi had a psychologist on the show about childrens behavior. she was clearly enamored with this person and the brilliant answers he was giving about her daughter (adopted from her deceased sister). a caller phoned in and pointed out that kids were out of school and randi's daughter might even be listening and perhaps this would not be right to discuss jessica, the daughter, on the air. randi said it was nonsense, her daughter never listened (in fact, she called the show frequently i know for a fact) and it was ok. however, the psychologist sided with the caller on this matter. randi hung up the formerly brilliant psychologist and branded him a quack.

and there is so much more....its almost funny. i cant tell you how bowled over i was when she actually got a national job. she is the weakest link on air america for sure but no one seems to be able to see thru this very shallow radio host.

Posted by: rich law at June 21, 2005 12:44 PM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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