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May 11, 2005

WWTQ 680 AM Memphis' web site now available

Stop the presses. It's basically an empty template right now: WWTQ. However, they have their own blog. The latter seems to be run by one Leon Gray, who also will be commenting on the air at "[v]arious Times through the day". I'm going to hazard a guess that means: "we don't have paid commercials, and people will get tired of hearing the same old PSAs over and over, so we'll wheel out Leon Gray once in a while. Yeah, that'll work."

Previously: Memphis paper cares what Franken thinks

(Via this)

9/4/07 UPDATE: Well, this was bound to happen. Rupert Murdoch succeeds yet again in his scheme to silence liberal voices.

Posted in Meta at May 11, 2005 11:10 AM


Hi I am so disappointed that you are moving Randi Rhodes. I always listen on the way home from work. I love her show. I am not a Memphian therefore not interested in the local stuff. We hear too much of that on tv news now. I have waited for years for a show that talks about the democrats point of view. A national show that talks about national politics. I have listened to Rush out of desperation, but i get so mad at his outright disrespect for anyone having a different opinion. I have listen to Mike Fleming some but he too is republican and local so it was uninteresting. It was great while it lasted. Thanks for trying.
Jeanine Teroy

Posted by: J. Teroy at July 23, 2005 09:35 AM

To Leon Gray:

Regarding your show today (8/10/05) about the funding of memphis city schools... What do you think I am paying the MOST for with my COUNTY property taxes?

I just received my property tax statement from Bob Patterson. I live in the county because I have no childern and did not want to pay for the Memphis city school's mismangement.

Here is a breakdown of my COUNTY property taxes:

CITY SCHOOLS - $658.10
General Fund - $549.l92
Debt Service - $360.60
County Schools - $252.42
Rural School Bond - $ $22.54


Posted by: mary anderson at August 10, 2005 06:27 PM

A striking Contrast
We in Memphis have a variety of Talk Radio options. Conservative talk has had the lead with WREC AM 600 featuring the conservative big hitters’ like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. The horizon was widened recently when “Progressive” Talk came to town as an arm of Air America on WWTQAM 680.
Being of the Conservative persuasion I keep my radio locked on 600, but when the new voice came to town I decided to check it out to hear “the other side”. I was immediately turned off by the baseless ranting laced with profanity and name calling. I wanted to be fair so I returned a half dozen times in different time slots, but regardless of the time or the host I found exactly the same thing. If that’s “Progressive”, No Thanks.
On Thursday the 1st of September I tuned in to WREC and found that they had preempted all their regular programming to devote the day to Hurricane Katrina relief. They devoted their time to finding assistance for Hurricane refugees in the area. They asked for donations, for people to offer shelter, for employers to offer work and solicited contributions for the legitimate charities in support of the ongoing rescue efforts. Remember these are reported to be the vicious, uncaring, and selfish conservatives.
I decided to explore what the liberal “Progressive” folks were doing, after all these are supposed to be the party with a heart, the party that is in tune with and concerned with the plight of the poor. I found the same foul mouthed program hosts laying blame for the Hurricane at the feet of President Bush. He is to blame for global warming which brought on this storm. Governor Barbour of MS also contributed to the problem by some of his lobbying efforts in years past. Neither the Democratic Mayor of New Orleans or Governor of Louisiana was mentioned, so from the progressive viewpoint everything must be going well there. In the interest of being as fair minded as I am capable I checked the websites of the two stations. The lead item on the homepage of WREC is a link to “How to Help” I found no similar reference at all on WWTQ.
A little Hurricane research shows:
* 8,000 people died when a Category 4 storm hit Galveston, TX in 1900.
* The most intense storm to ever strike the US occurred in 1935.
* The most costly US Hurricane to date was Andrew in 1992.
* 1995 was the busiest Hurricane season on record.
The first two events happened before either President Bush or Gov. Barbour were born and the last two happened during the presidency of Bill Clinton so they must have been caused by something other than global warming.
This little summary relates to just a couple of radio stations in one city, but from my observation it is representative of the thinking of the nation on a broad scale. For example, it is common sense that local authorities have the responsibility to be first responders to problems in their world. Mayor Juliania was front and center and on site at 9/11; I heard Governor Barbour of MS say early on that looters would be “handled ruthlessly” and it was minimized, he was on site to see to that. The most prominent statements I have heard from Mayor of New Orleans or the Governor of Louisiana is criticism of the Federal Government for its failure to respond more quickly. I think it can be summed up by saying there are those that do, while others do nothing, but cry, moan and blame others.
Phil Phillips

Posted by: Phil Phillips at September 3, 2005 09:57 AM

So Leon is what Memphis conciders progressive talk radio. O I forgot Memphis lives in 1955 old south.

Well Leon you take the cake. we all understand that many dont understand or think that being gay is right but to ba a talk show host and run a hard line indicating to many of your listeners that being gay is like murder, adutlry really takes the cake. And yes surprising to come from a black man. I guess you forgot your roots and what its like to be segragated and put down for who or what you are. the whole christian dialog is just another way for the church to control society as it always has. The main reason our country was started as the church of England control what could be said done on any level. So now we are back where we started with the church segragating another group of people that dont fall nicely into place. Black, jews, gays, humm Leon you need to look at yourself more closely in your heart and think it over. and relating gays to the black freedom movement is the same. A people segragated, looked down on, and the church also said being with blacks is wrong too. I cant be straight as much as you could be white. The religioius media has always made gays into a group that is to be afraid of like many whites where afaid of blacks and many still are.
your show is suppose to be progressive that means not condensending, not making judgement and not heareing the other side, you now sound like AM 600 I have topped turning intno your show as you make me sick with your on air attitude. Maybe 600am should come out and say we need to keep the blacks in place since you say we need to keep the gays in place. No wonder why our real talent in memphis leaves this town due to the small minds that we even find on rush hour radio

Posted by: Stephen at October 22, 2005 02:08 PM

Regarding Leon Gray's position on homosexuality:

I guess there are people who shape their thinking when listening to Leon Gray. For this reason I would like it if he refrained from belaboring his position on homosexuality during air time. His arguments are inconsistent and they smell of homophobia. I don't really care what Leon Gray thinks about homosexuality, but he should not preach open mindedness and rationality when talking about race and then forget it when he talks about gender. He sprinkles enough God and Jesus on himself to sound righteous, but his arguments are overly emotional and intolerant. He may claim that homosexuality is evil and therefore should not be tolerated, but if he is going to quote scripture to suit his own purposes, he needs to remind himself that slavery was promoted and defended in scripture and, if we were true to that scriptural tradition, he might be forced to spend his time in a different way than talking on the radio.

Posted by: M. Miller at October 22, 2005 03:51 PM

my blessed freedom radio--please for our sanity exercise better scrutiny w/ respect to filling ad space with peanut butter, graveyards, decrepit houses, bales of cotton, jello, pink palaces, downtown, peabody, graves, orpheum wallpaper, "Wow we're number two!"...the wrong comment, that the fag LGS show avers--gay=wrong-- only inspires that, hey he's wrong to be black in this society. How bout that. hmmm.

Posted by: jp at November 17, 2005 10:58 PM

I wish we could get Steve Gill WWTN Nashville in the morning or someone close. The Memphis market could use someone that is not a cheerleader for the city of Memphis and keeps up with what's going on in Nashville politics and is not averse to offending local politicians with annoying facts. An advocate for the people so to speak. Thank you.

Wayne Willaford

Posted by: Wayne in Millington at February 2, 2006 06:28 AM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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