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June 29, 2005

Does Janeane Garofalo support the Iraqi resistance?

This is pretty shocking, but as there's no transcript available, I don't at this point know whether G-Lo has gone over to the enemy side or not. In any case, Anthony Lappe, Executive Editor of the Guerrilla News Network reports:
I just got off the air on my friend Terrance McNally's excellent show on KPFK in Los Angeles. Also on was Code Pink's Jodie Evans [CP is Susan Medea Benjamin's group, and G-Lo has protested with CP in the past -- BA]. She just got back from Istanbul where she was attending the World Tribunal on Iraq, where Iraqis and others testified about American war crimes.

Evans... said that we need to know it's OK to say we are with the Iraqi resistance, by which she meant a broad range of social forces in Iraq, including anti-occupation politicians, writers and activists. It wasn't clear how much she was saying she supported the insurgency itself, or merely supported their "right" to resist, but her overall message was clear: We need to be able to say we support the Iraqi resistance.

I agree. In principle. As Terrance pointed out, the UN Charter and all basic tenets of international law support a people's right to resist an invading and occupying army. As Janeane Garofalo and I talked about on Air America last week, it's a fairly simple thought experiment: It's 2030. The Chinese and Russians team up and invade the U.S. after manufacturing a non-existant threat. Would you be a collaborator or would you fight back, Red Dawn style?
Is America's cute-but-troubled sweetheart now supporting - directly or indirectly - those in Iraq who are killing other Iraqis as well as American troops? Perhaps someone who heard the interview can weigh in. I don't know when this guy appeared on G-Lo's show, but last week was June 20 to June 24.

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