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June 16, 2005

Stuart Saves the Senate

Stuart Smalley David Carr of the New York Times boards a plane to Minnesota and gives Al Franken and Air America some long-overdue MSM attention ("Comedian for Senator? Don't Laugh"). Don't worry, Dave, I'm not.

This is indeed a welcome change from their usual corporate coverage. It's been, what, 12 hours since the last report on the network's valiant attempts to tell the truth, right? Carr discusses Minnesota Nice, their peculiar habits and customs, and the rather curious contrast Franken presents thereto. Also covered is the possibility that Al might run for Senate. He also reveals that Al seems to have an "act"; the speech he gave there seems similar to the one he reportedly gave at the Talkers convention, including breaking down sobbing.

See also this for a cheap shot Franken directed at Coleman in his speech.

The NYT advertisement feature got noticed by Bill O'Reilly. A noxious liberal site has the transcript:
...Unless defamation counts, Franken has absolutely no qualifications to serve in any public office. He is simply a man who makes money hurting people. He is also a person who may be having emotional problems.

At a radio conference last Friday, Franken apparently melted down during a bizarre performance where he cried and embarrassed the organizers of the event, but you didn't see that reported in the New York Times or any other left-wing newspaper. [In their report, the NYT gave it one somewhat misleading sentence, but that might have been added later -- LW]...

[NYT editor Bill] Keller is also allowing the Times to promote Air America, the left-wing radio network. So far that paper has done an astounding 24 stories on Air America which loses millions of dollars and actually has to pay some of its own stations to put it on the air. The only reason the network even exists is because a few loony millionaires finance it. The national ratings are terrible. [Note that 24 stories works out to over 1.5 per month -- LW]

In Washington D.C., for example, Air America's audience is too small to be counted. In L.A. pretty much the same thing. But the New York Times continues to promote that disaster while ignoring the success of Limbaugh, Hannity and others...

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