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June 15, 2005

Stuart Smalley, Talkers Magazine, Part 2

The reviews of Al Franken's appearance at the Talkers Magazine awards show continue to roll in.

Les Kinsolving offers "The Frankenstinian filibuster". He describes Stuart's speech as "one of the most inexcusable displays of tasteless ingratitude in U.S. talk-radio history."

And, the loony libs at News Hound offer "Bill O'Reilly Attacks Al Franken and Howard Kurtz", which reports O'Reilly having said this:
Time now for the most ridiculous item of the day. Our pal Stuart Smalley apparently had a meltdown at a radio function in New York City over the weekend. Smalley had to be scolded by the event's host and at one point actually broke down in tears. Now, this is not our concern except to tell you that the Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz was at the event, witnessed the meltdown and did not mention it in his article today. Failing to report things of this nature is, of course, and example of BIAS! Well, we called Mr. Kurtz who denied any bias. You make the call...
I noticed that too when I posted about the Howie Kurtz article, but I forgot to mention it. Thanks to #6 for reminding me.

UPDATE: Las Vegas talker Alan Stock had a confrontation with Senator Smalley at the event:
Stock said he approached Franken on the dais after the gala event speech and congratulated him but added some choice comments. "I put my face up close to his and said, `You were rude and you should be ashamed of yourself.'"

Franken, who had been asked to wrap up his lengthy speech, dismissed Stock's lecture by saying, "What about Iraq? Did you serve?"
I don't exactly how to interpret the rest since Franken's demeanor at the end is not described, so feel free to make up your own story.

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