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August 29, 2005

Air America's brush with Al Sharpton fame

Reverend Jarrett B. Maupin II (aka "The Rev") hosts "Issues & Answers" on Phoenix's KXXT from 3-5pm on Sundays.

Earlier today, someone identified as "Jarrett Barton Maupin, 43, of Phoenix" was arrested for evading police on a high speed chase. He was rushing another Reverend, Al Sharpton, to DFW after Sharpton's meeting with Cindy Sheehan. He was clocked at 110 in a 65MPH zone on I35. And, "The Rev" was broadcasting live from Camp Casey together with "The Rev Sharpton".

Note, however, that this page claims that the KXXT host is only 18. Combining that with the "II" in his name, the person arrested might be his father.

From the KXXT bio page:
Reverend Jarrett B. Maupin II is the leader in the next generation of civil rights and minority political leaders. Jarrett is a catalyst for substantive change for the disenfranchised and overlooked populace. He has served as the National Youth Director and AZ Chairman of National Action Network, the civil rights organization founded by the Rev. Al Sharpton in 1991. He also went to work for the DNC as an ambassador to urban youth, during the 2004 election cycle. Featured on MSNBC, CNN, FOX, BET and many other national media outlets, Jarrett or "The Rev", as his friends call him, is currently a candidate for the Phoenix City Council.

Join Jarrett every Sunday, from 3-5 PM, for Issues and Answers, as he exposes injustices and explores solutions in the quest for change.
white bronco Now he'll have something to talk about.

UPDATE: I originally thought that the person arrested might be the KXXT host himself, but after finding the Redstate story I corrected the above to reflect what is probably the correct relationship.

UPDATE 2: The Man has posted a picture of the alleged perp here. I think we can rule out JBM II being the driver, although any familial connection is still open, and whether JBM II was in the car is not yet known. Also, pictured right is a white bronco, which has nothing to do with this case.

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