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August 04, 2005

Arizona Republic covers AAR scandal?

Is the pro-illegal immigration rag known as the Arizona Republic part of the MSM? Well, no, even if they are a fairly well-known newspaper.

But, the column from Doug MacEachern appears to be the first time something close to the MSM has touched this issue: "A scandal below the radar". After giving a rundown of what we know now, he has this:
...Wholly unrocked by the experience, however, is the Bronx-area paper of record, the New York Times, which, since the story began to seriously break on July 29, has published exactly nothing on the scandal.

The Times' lack of interest has become the scandal within the scandal. Bloggers, of course, are making hay over the Times' disinterest in a story that casts the formerly much-heralded Air America in a very bad light.

As well they should. News judgment is a subjective thing, certainly. But it is difficult to imagine a more politically explosive New York-centric subject than this one.

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