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August 17, 2005

Janeane Garofalo on the West Wing

America's formerly-cute-but-still-troubled sweetheart will be appearing in the episodes of the West Wing this coming season.

She will be playing a media strategist.

She will demand more steak, less sizzle:

Her advice to move away from political gamesmanship and start speaking directly to voters ruffles feathers within the [Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits)] campaign, including those of Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford).

I invite my readers to take it from there. What dialogue and situations can you come up with that would be more entertaining that what will most likely end up on the air?

Perhaps - in a nod to current events - they could have Janeane's "media relations" company embroiled in a scandal. Then, it could all turn out to have been a witchhunt by the VRWC, led by a shadowy radio personality named "Speed Wilkins". The fact that it was all fake could be uncovered with the assistance of a multi-billionaire saint-like figure who funded a study by a group called "Public Matters for America". Martin Sheen could appeal to him for help, and the irascible but lovable billionaire could agree to help him in order to turn back the forces of evil!

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