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August 27, 2005

Randi Rhodes at KKZN; Boulder audience defined

nina storey Who, you might ask, listens to Air America's Boulder CO outlet KKZN? Why, none other than "Nina Storey", pictured right. Nina is apparently a "Lilith"-style singer-songwriter and a typical resident of that fine, albeit "liberal" city.

Another listener is this guy, who had his own brush with fame:
Randi Rhodes had gone outside to meet with those who couldn't make it inside. Apparently, the line was still wrapping around the building after the cutoff! Randi was signing autographcs outside while we partied.

Inside, Nina Storey was performing in a very intimate venue. She was right there. :-) Nina Storey is a Lillith-type singer, kind of a mix of soul and folk, and she's extremely good! She's also a Boulder local, and man does she look the part...

[His friend] managed to catch an "I Did Not Vote 4 Bush" band bracelet they were throwing into the crowd!

...[Another friend] won a Janeane Garofalo-autographed Air America T-shirt! SO COOL! Later on, she got it signed by Randi Rhodes as well...awesome!!

...They even raffled off the Bush Dart Board, signed by Randi Rhodes and Jay Marvin...

...Once the raffle was over, we realized that Randi Rhodes was still outside. AM 760 kinda goofed here, she'd pretty much been outside the entire time, so it was time to go find her...
I know one thing: that radio station never would have forgotten about Al Franken. Al, Al, Al!

Alternatively, how do we know that wasn't an intentional move on KKZN's part to silence the voices of truth? But, find her he did, even getting an autograph, a hug, and his photo with the radio star.

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