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August 30, 2005

RevGate: AAR host Jarrett Maupin II in car with Sharpton during "chase"

white bronco As previously speculated, the person arrested for evading police while driving Rev. Al Sharpton to DFW is the father of Air America Phoenix host Jarrett Maupin II. Maupin II is also a candidate for Phoenix City Council. While a white Ford Bronco was not involved in this alleged chase, the graphics accompanying this post help illustrate what might have been happening.

"City Council candidate has run-in with Texas police" has confirmed our speculation:
Phoenix City Council candidate Jarrett Maupin II had a run-in with Texas law enforcement after a visit Sunday with anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan at her camp outside President Bush's ranch in Crawford.

Maupin was riding in a car driven by his father, Jarrett Barton Maupin, 43. The senior Maupin was stopped and accused of trying to evade police by driving at speeds up to 110 mph on Interstate 35 in Ellis County.

Also riding in the car were the Rev. Al Sharpton and one of Sharpton's assistants...
Now, it looks like "II" (aka "The Rev") will have something to talk about on his Air America talk show, which is broadcast on KXXT 1010 AM on Sundays between 3 and 5pm. Note, of course, that the Arizona Republic failed to mention the AAR connection: al sharpton eating
The younger Maupin said they were not speeding and that his father was arrested on "trumped up" charges.

He said that after his father was arrested he, Sharpton and Sharpton's assistant had to walk along the freeway carrying their luggage because police had impounded the rented car. A couple picked them up and gave them a ride to the airport.

Sharpton told the Associated Press that the sheriff's report was "ludicrous on its face" and accused the officers of "embellishing the story."
The police claim they offered them a lift, but they decided to walk instead.

No justice, no peace!
Free Mumia!
No justice, no peace!
Free the Cuban Five!
No justice, no peace!
Free Maupin!

UPDATE: The DUmmies weigh in on the arrest:
"MarkTwain" says: Whoever let him cross into that Camp to be associated with Cindy is stupid. Just plain dirt-dumb stupid... The historical record is replete, for many, many years, on Sharpton and only a fool would have encouraged and allowed "Reverend Al" to soil the grounds of Camp Casey.

"Nonsense" says: Just more right wing rhetoric. The tactic now is to accuse critics of racism of being racist or of playing the race card. That tactic is clearly seen through and is a bit old. Certain people readily pounce on Sharpton for speeding yet conveniently ignore the fact that blacks are racially profiled every day in this country. They are constantly being pulled over by the police for no good reason whatsoever and this could have been one of those situations. But, oh no, it's Al Sharpton and his critics, full of hate, prefer to believe the account of the police, the police with its history of abusing African Americans... If Sharpton was speeding, I wouldn't blame him. I have relatives who live in Texas and they and their friends will not travel to certain parts of that state because of the deep racism that exists in those areas. Sharpton might have been fearful. If so, he had good reason to be.

"Tomee450" says: For your information, many people still believe Tawana Brawley.

Posted in AlsoRans at August 30, 2005 10:03 AM


That is so funny. What they don't tell you is that Waxahachie, TX is a good 45 to 50 min on the highway. Yes, the town where they were picked up is nowhere near the airport. Why on earth would the state police let them walk on I-35? This is a freaking interest state. There are people going 70 to 75 miles per hour on this road. The people who picked them up were stooges. This was partially staged.

Posted by: gregd at August 30, 2005 03:08 PM

I went to school with Jarrett Maupin my senior year after he was kicked out of Brophy for bad grades. St. Mary's (the school we went to), not only let him get away with anything and everything (including sexual harrassment). He had his own office in the library, hardly ever attended school, had a staff member as his personal secretary, got bad grades, and blamed everything on "it's because I'm black"...Draw your own conclusions. All I have to say is that no student deserves special treatment, based on backround or ethnicity. And because he was black, and had Al Sharpton as his political bodyguard for all his bogus racial agenda, he got away with way too much. To me, this is another form of racism.

Posted by: Christine at January 8, 2006 10:27 PM

How are we going to lessen crime unless we approach the ones that are most likely criminals?

Don't worry about being profiled if you are doing nothing wrong. If you loose five minutes while you exhibit your driver's license, just stop and think that it is for a worthy cause.

I have never begrudged proving that I am in the right.

Posted by: Justa Truism at January 30, 2006 02:57 PM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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