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August 31, 2005

RevGate: Air America Phoenix co-host arrested

Barbara Yost of the Arizona Republic gives a gigantic wet one to Air America Phoenix host and city council candidate Jarrett B. Maupin II in "Up & running". As previously discussed, The Reverend Al Sharpton, Jarrett B. Maupin II, and his father were allegedly speeding south of Dallas. JBM Senior was arrested.

The article says that Senior is II's co-host on II's radio program.

That makes this the first arrest of an Air America personality, albeit on a local show.

The article includes this stomach-churning bit: white bronco
...Maupin had a chance to see Sharpton in action when the two traveled to Crawford, Texas, last weekend to hold a prayer vigil with anti-war protestor Cindy Sheehan. On their way to the Dallas airport Sunday, state troopers pulled over their rented Lincoln, which Maupin's father was driving. The younger Maupin says a sheriff's officer approached the car with his gun drawn. The officer claimed they had been chasing the car for 19 miles at speeds of 110 mph.

Maupin Sr. says he was going no faster than surrounding traffic, was not weaving or evading police as officers claimed. He pulled over as soon as troopers flagged the car. Their car and luggage were searched. Maupin Sr. was taken to jail. Police impounded the rental car, forcing Sharpton, his aid and Maupin to walk along the highway carrying their bags until passing motorists offered them a ride to Dallas.

"It was like Mississippi Burning," Maupin says, referring to the 1988 movie about a clash between civil rights activists and sheriff's officers in the South.

His father believes their car had been tailed since leaving the anti-war protest. Sharpton, he says, "kept his cool" and paid Maupin Sr.'s $1,000 bond.

Maupin took the incident in stride, just another day in the life of the battle for civil rights. "It's all in a day's work," he says.
And, AZ Rep. Kyrsten Sinema says he's "a shining example of young people's involvement."

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