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September 01, 2005

Air America producer: Conservatives helped make Katrina worse, have blood on their hands

The Left is not only trying to profit off Katrina, they seem to have invented a new game, trying to outdo one another in a race to make the sleaziest, most despicable attempt at profiteering.

The current leader is Dan Pashman, "Senior Producer, Morning Sedition, Air America Radio", who offers us "Conservatives Helped This Happen":
Hurricane Katrina may have been an act of God. But the level of death and destruction it caused was not. That was an act of conservatism.

It is conservative policies that made this natural disaster unnaturally catastrophic. I say to conservatives, you have blood on your hands today. I point the finger in your face and say, "You helped this happen."
Get your finger out of my face, twig boy. Here, try to do something about this: "Gunmen target medical convoy".
Conservative policies have led to an increase in poverty across the nation, especially in New Orleans, one of the poorest major cities in America. About 150,000 people in New Orleans lived below the poverty line before Katrina, 100,000 of them in abject poverty, making less than $8,000 a year. Their poverty left them with nowhere to go, and no means of escape, as the hurricane bore down on their homes.
Obviously, the massively corrupt and incompetent Democratic infrastructure in New Orleans and Louisiana played no part whatsoever. (Teary Gov. Kathleen Blanco 'Overwhelmed', "New Orleans Mayor and Governor Blanco are incompetent", and this: "The pumps, levees and canals intended to protect New Orleans have been controlled by local authorities. They left three of the four pumping stations dependent on the local power grid.")
Conservative policies have led to more global warming, which scientists agree has already begun producing more intense hurricanes and storms. Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, a former Republican Party Chairman and longtime GOP operative, has seen his own state ravaged by Katrina. But he was vital in helping to convince the Bush administration to squash the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, and pushed Bush to go back on his campaign promise to regulate carbon dioxide. Governor Barbour would dare express grief over the deaths that he himself enabled.
If you assume that what passes for liberalism nowadays is simply a mental disorder, everything makes sense. If "liberals" didn't have an ideology to cling to, they'd be wandering the streets talking to themselves.

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