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September 05, 2005

Al Franken still not "liberal" enough

Apparently Al Franken - and ANSWER - are too right-wing for William Blum, whoever that is. In "Empire is Harmful to Your Health" he educates us:
Al Franken, the humorist who's the leading host of Air America radio, would like you to believe that he's against the war, but he went to Iraq to entertain the troops a while back. Does that make sense? Why does the military bring entertainers to the soldiers? To lift their spirits. Why does the military want to lift the soldiers' spirits? A happier soldier does his job better. What's the soldier's job? Raining down a thousand kinds of horror upon the Iraqi people.

And here's a spokesperson for ANSWER, one of the two leading anti-war organizations active today: "We're not against the troops. We don't oppose the troops, we love them. That's why we want to bring them home." There has to be a better way to express that sentiment.

The brave soldiers, the ones I love, are the ones who in various ways have refused to continue in the crimes against humanity, even if it means prison or exile in Canada...

Posted in StuartSmalley at September 5, 2005 08:05 PM


That ANSWER spokesperson told a bald-faced lie. They were one of the websites 2 years ago that highlighted the following protest sign: "We support the troops when they shoot their officers." And it was being paraded around by some anarchist thugs who didn't have the guts to show their faces.

Posted by: Scott at September 5, 2005 09:49 PM

Hey Al,

thanks for broadcasting your show and speaking out for truth! I have 2 main points I wanted to add as I was listening to your show this morning (9/6).

1) I heard you talking about FEMA in regards to the NASA Columbia Shuttle Recovery. I spent 2 months in Palestine and Corsicana, TX working as a contracted scientist on the project. From my perspective the only thing I saw FEMA doing was feeding everyone 3 meals a day--which was a large project; however, I never saw them out in the field or working on collecting the parts at all. Teams were of 20 firefighters (mostly from out west; they were in their off-season) and 2 hazmat persons, a scientist (like me), and a roving NASA employee. The contract I worked on was through Superfund and EPA who contracted with Weston, a scientific consultant. Interestingly, as my first visit to TX I observed the locals. The towns were the 4 command posts were set up were "hick" small towns. The locals said they had never had so much money come into their towns as was brought in by the workers. All hotels were full, we ate at the local resturants (when we couldn't eat the FEMA meals) used local gas, etc, etc, all the while the rest of the country was hurting economically.

2) This has given me an interesting perspective to watch Mr. Bush. I have noticed as with the Base closings--those mostly closed were in blue states, but I heard Ft. Bliss, in TX got 3x more added to their base. And when they announced the "refugees" were headed to 3 sites in TX I could not help think Mr. Bush was helping his base again, just like with the Shuttle Recovery project. He is so sneaky. Why didn't he send them to other states?

Anyway, just some thoughts . . .
deb wesley

Posted by: deb wesley at September 6, 2005 10:40 AM

Oh what? Support the troops? How are the troops that you liberals supposedly support today differ from the troops you &(KERRY) slandered and cursed and spit on during the Vietnam war? Why is Code Pink & Moveon.org protesting in front of Walter Reed Hospital, Wash. D.C. Blasting and cursing wounded soldiers, if they really support the troops? Cindy Sheehan would be proud of you.

Posted by: Big Mike at September 6, 2005 08:53 PM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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