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September 10, 2005

WHJJ's Air America experiment essentially over

WHJJ is a Providence, Rhode Island radio station that was searching for new programming after John DePetro left last year for WRKO in Boston. Oddly enough, they decided to follow down the same losing road as other stations:
WHJJ decided to go with a syndicated lineup from liberal talk network Air America. Ratings immediately dropped, falling 16 percent from the fall of 2003 to the fall of 2004.

Bill George, program director for WHJJ, said the Air America experiment is essentially over.

"We tried to do something big and different," he said. "Needless to say, we were not pleased with the results . . . we are now committed to live and local talk."

WHJJ is still broadcasting The Al Franken Show, Air America's showcase, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., but George said changes in that time slot will be announced within a few weeks...
So, who will be replacing their current morning show, which now features Jerry Springer?
Helen Glover of Portsmouth, a contestant on Survivor: Thailand in 2002, will host her own talk show on WHJJ, 920-AM, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., replacing syndicated host Jerry Springer.

Glover, a former swim instructor for the Navy, starts on Tuesday...
At least Jerry isn't being replaced by Richard Hatch. That would, indeed, be an even lower blow.

Posted in Meta at September 10, 2005 05:48 AM


Hey speaking of markets, wasn't WDOD in Chattanooga supposed to be on line with Air America by now? Guess all those letters to the paper and the resignation of Earl Fruedenberg gave them cold feet. I think the ministerial community in Chattanooga would have AAR shut down pretty quickly.

Posted by: skidzone at September 10, 2005 04:33 PM

Why is the writer of the article comparing fall of 2003 with fall of 2004? AAR wasn't there in the fall of 2003. It seems unfair to compare it to what was previously there. It should be compared to itself and if it's rising or falling. Secondly, fall of 2004 was AAR's first quarter on the station (and they weren't even there for the first 15 days of the quarter).
Still, the station has gone down since the fall of 04 (2.6 -> 2.2 -> 1.8). But I think the program manager is taking them off prematurely. The AAR station in the Nassau-Suffolk market (actually, it's WLIB of the New York market; it manages to reach Nassau-Suffolk) went 1.1 -> 0.8 -> 0.7 then doubled to 1.4 in in the spring of 05. And in Portland, it went 4 -> 3.7 -> 3.3 then jumped to 4.5.

Just my 2.5 cents.

Posted by: Alex. at September 12, 2005 06:10 PM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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