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October 28, 2005

A new low for the Huffington Post?

send al franken to gitmo

Al Franken graces them with some of his "humor" regarding the "Flame" case. It's been five months since "Senator Al" (as he's called by a few commenters) posted there, yet there's no word in the post or even the comments on what's transpired in Al's life since then.

You know, that minor matter with the guy who lied about them having more money than they did, how he was a crook, that whole thing.

Please go over there and ask Al some questions in the comments. No need to worry: he can't physically assault you through your computer screen.

The comments do have this interesting bit of info:

"I listened to Maddow this morning, and I see you guys were paying for her to broadcast from D.C."

What's that about? I thought their deal with Sirius allowed them to broadcast from Sirius' DC studio anytime they wanted. They have to pay for that?

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