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October 17, 2005

Ed Schultz nixed from Armed Forces Radio

The Ed Schultz Show was scheduled to begin airing an hour a day on Armed Forces Radio. However, this morning the Pentagon called and said that because officials were going to be out of town and they hadn't received authorization, Big Ed's debut was cancelled. The show's future on that network is up in the air. (Note the nofollow tag on that link).

The person breaking this news was spokeswoman Allison Barber, who you might recall from her preparing the troops who recently asked questions of Our Leader. She's going out of town, and Pentagon spokesman Larry DiRita is out of town as well. He was to have approved this.

Needless to say, this has caused massive speculation among the liberal blogosphere. Most seem to believe that this is yet another COINTELPRO-style action by the VRWC supporters who they claim are secretly behind the Big Ed phenomenon. They mistakenly believe that the VRWC is using this to give Ed street credibility and make it look like he's being oppressed by The Man.

They are, of course, wrong. In fact, here's Ed showing his progressive credentials by marching with other comrades in ANSWER's recent action.


UPDATE: There's an interview with Big Ed starting here.

UPDATE 2: Stars and Stripes from 10/19: "Talk show host Ed Schultz nixed by AFN":

"They knew exactly what kind of program they were getting," he said. "This looks like a get-back to me. They don't want any other voices on the air." ...But Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said Schultz's views and recent comments played no factor in the decision... "What we have here is a staff member who got ahead of the decision-making process," he said. "We're in the process of looking at additional programming, but there have been no decisions yet."

This generates the 10/21 letter "More diversity in AFN":

I avoid AFN programming due to its tired format and lack of diversity. I miss radio celebrities such as Michael Savage for his conviction and courage to say what he thinks, and the fact he apologizes to no man for calling it like it is... While I know it’s impossible to please everybody, neoconservative celebrities such as Rush Limbaugh irk me, and Paul Harvey's "News and Story" puts me to sleep. Please, let's get more diversity.

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