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October 30, 2005

Sheldon Drobny on PlameGate; who dropped my link?

The co-founder of Air America Radio apparently didn't get what he wanted for Fitzmas, and offers up "Fitzgerald Threw a Softball".

If I might ask your indulgence, could you read his first paragraph as indicated below?
[Read in Tommy Flanagan style] Besides my co-founding Air America Radio, I have another day job. I have helped prosecute and defend white collar crime offenses for 38 years including experience with Mr. Fitzgerald's office in my home town Chicago on current political prosecutions. [Read in overly-melodramatic style] Those of us locally in the know here do not agree that Mr. Fitzgerald is as independent as the press has made him out to be. [cue flourish of ominous music] Let me explain.
It ends like this:
Those of us who know about prosecutors and Grand Jury investigations would tell you that Fitzgerald, using a baseball metaphor, threw the Bush cabal a softball. And using a football metaphor, he just plain fumbled.
In the middle, there is no support for his claim that Fitzgerald isn't as independent as claimed. We're just left with his word for it.

And, as for the Flanagan reference, reading this you might think Drobny is a member of the bar. In actual fact, he appears to be a CPA.

No doubt in your life you've met many people who engage in a bit of qualification inflation or outright attempts to deceive. "I helped Mel Gibson with his last movie", upon closer inspection, turns out to be said by someone who drives a catering truck and the like.

In fact, someone has been kind enough to point this out in comments, providing a link not just to Drobny's Wikipedia article, but to this very site.

And, over at DailyKos, "Terre" reprints this comment in an attempt to clear up this matter. As a side-effect, that causes a bit of consternation from him/her and fellow "liberals":
- Not sure what that second link they posted is about though.

- But why the link to the flaming anti-Frankel and AA site?

- I didn't quite get that either but didn't want to cut their comment in half. My only point was that Mr. Drobny is no lawyer - at least I couldn't find anything after Googling it.
I'm in the dark about this too. Who could have dropped my link over at HuffPost?

UPDATE: The DUmmies offer... a rebuttal to his editorial. To them, it's still Fitzmas Eve. And, they're still dreaming of a red Fitzmas.

UPDATE 2: Drobny offers an update - and admits he's not an attorney - in "Fitzgerald's Lost Opportunity". Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket.

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Wasn't me.

Posted by: Seyser Kose at October 30, 2005 03:28 PM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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