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November 17, 2005

Al Franken promotes book to ignorant college students

Stuart Smalley recently visited two colleges in order to promote his book, and got highly complimentary write-ups in the school rags, no doubt from "journalism" students. However, in both cases the headlines appear to be unintentionally less-than-flattering.

From Hahvahd comes "Franken Promotes Book", something which sounds vaguely similar to the previous entry. Hint: I was being a smartass, OK?

And, from Tufts comes "Al Franken all 'Truth' without too many jokes". Now, I don't know exactly which state Tufts is in (New Jersey? Alabama? Georgia? Arkansas?), but I believe their headline could be split in to two parts. First, they claim he only provided the truth, as opposed to no falsehoods. I find that extremely difficult to believe.

Secondly, they claim there weren't too many jokes. All together now: "that I believe!"

That article also claims that Stuart is "the founder of Air America Radio". I thought that was Al Gore?

That article has Stuart's standard shtick about Iraq as well as his standard bit in which he fails to understand why many people are opposed to gay marriage. And, he also smears conservatives as OK, just misinformed unlike high-minded liberals such as him.

In the Harvard story he expresses his peaceful liberal tolerance for Rush:

Franken remarked that his "dream" was that his film about alcoholism "Stuart Saves the Day" was screened for Limbaugh when he went to rehab.


He added that liberals had cornered the market on moral issues like education and poverty, but the Republican Party had hijacked the message.

Man, I just can't wait for his Senate campaign.

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