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November 09, 2005

Breaking: Al Franken still considering Senate run!

This story is hot off the presses: Air America's Al Franken is still considering running for the Senate three years from now, Reuters is now prepared to report.

Reuters tells us that Franken is still moving back to Minneapolis, and is still continuing to move his lowly-rated show there.

Now, for the bias:
The heavily researched book tackles topics like Social Security reform...
Normally, a news report would make that a claim rather than a statement of fact, but, well...

Then, Franken reveals what a class act he is:
"In other words, given proper treatment, there was no reason Terry Schiavo couldn't live out her lifelong dream of being a Rockette," Franken quipped.
Oh, what a joker. Say, did he try to beat anyone up? They don't report on that, but:
Some critics say the "humorist on a mission" might be getting too serious for his own good. The new book, said a Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram review "is heavy on condemnation … and light on laughs." But a New York Times review says Franken's book "does keep its promise to be funny about extremely unfunny matters."

...Franken [said?] he learned to do a balancing act partly by doing comedy shows for soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. "You don't stand up and say 'Your president is lying to you and you are dying for no reason.' I don't do that joke."
Yes, and I'm sure those who watch his next USO tour will not have read this article.

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