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November 08, 2005

Connie, Maury, Lizz, and you

Former co-host of Air America's Unfiltered, Lizz Winstead, will be producing a new MSNBC show featuring Connie Chung and her husband Maury Povich.

MSNBC will air the as-yet-unnamed show on the weekends, and it will have guests.

Connie sez:

"Maury's been on my case to get out of the house and get back to work, but I didn't want to until he came up with this idea... The question is not whether the program will last. ... The question is, 'Can our marriage survive?'"

No, the question is indeed just how many weeks the program will last.

Please leave your best suggestion for the title of this show in the comments. My top choice so far: "Is anyone watching?"

Posted in AlsoRans at November 8, 2005 05:39 AM


MSNBC should air it on Tuesdays instead of on the weekend. Then they could call it "Tuesdays With Maury" and a few people might tune in by mistake.

Posted by: Ned Rice at November 8, 2005 02:30 PM

Does anyone watch MSNBC?

Posted by: GregD at November 8, 2005 03:26 PM

How 'bout "Maury, Connie, Lizz, and What the Parrot Saw". It's nice to see Ronald McDonald hasn't run out of competition..... (Since they blew up Jack...)


Posted by: Carpy at November 10, 2005 10:48 PM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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