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November 13, 2005

New York Times finds new way to promote Air America

The NYT has found a new way to promote AAR, the New York Times reports in Susan Brenna's "They Look Nothing Like Rush Limbaugh".

The "they" are Randi Rhodes and Rachel Maddow (who's "sunny"), and they're contrasted and compared in the article. (Note: In order to read the article, you need to first sign in to the NYT's special little world.)

We're informed that Randi is the "more political, more acidly caustic voice" who offers:

"You're a pig!" she cries at whatever male conservative broadcaster has angered her that day.

Then, in a bit of a backhanded tribute to the truth that the NYT refused to acknowledge for a few weeks and still has not adequately reported on:

...the network has added and lost stations, dipped in the ratings, then slightly risen again, while lagging far behind conservative talk radio in popularity. Its New York station, WLIB, was ranked 24th in the city in the most recent Arbitron ratings report, compared with WABC, the conservative talk home, at No. 8. Air America's reputation was also shaken by revelations that a founder, now departed, had borrowed $875,000 from a Bronx Boys and Girls Club to finance the network. In a statement, the network's current management said that it had repaid the loan into an escrow account, "where the money will remain until the city has completed its investigation of the club."

Well I guess that settles that! Say, what about the Air America Associates program?

As for its current financial outlook, Mr. Goldberg said, "We pay the bills any way we can." Earlier this fall the network started an online fund-raising drive similar to a public radio campaign.

That's a very kind way to put it. OK, well what about that so-called famine in the Ukraine? Oh, I'm sorry, that was that other New York Times reporter.

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