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December 02, 2005

Al Franken mocks a legless Vietnam veteran

Al Franken did his show from Asheville NC on Wednesday, before which he conducted an interview with a local station. One of those who conducted the local interview reports:

I then went to this live show of his to report on the turn out and the first 10 minutes is blasting my interview and one of the many callers (who actually saved the entire show). A Vietnam veteran is a regular caller to the show, he gave one of the ultimate sacrifices for his country...his legs. During the show, Al said "thank you for your service to our country" when the gentleman mentioned his tour of duty. This man is far more intelligent than Al could even begin to imagine. During HIS show [Al Franken's show --BA] is gave him a hillbilly accent and spoke as if he had a learning disability (ironic for Al by the way) and proported him to be an idiot.

Another listener heard this:

In the first fifteen minutes, [Franken] mocked and made fun of one of the finest Americans I know. This fine American lost his legs in Vietnam, but still does more for his community than most able-bodied people I know. He called in on Spindoctor's show to ask Al a question, and was absolutley respectful. Al even said "thank you for your service" before the call was over. But, just a few short hours later, he was making pop-shots and mocking this fine American for a national audience. I have absolutely NO respect for anybody who'd be this two-faced to somebody who gave such a sacrifice for his country.

There's more angles to this story, including where "broker" devastates AAR's claims about ratings and markets. (Thread via this)

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