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December 23, 2005

Ed Schultz: bought by the Democratic Party?

Was Ed Schultz "auctioned off" at a Democratic Party fundraiser? Is he a bought-and-paid-for DNC operative? A Randi Rhodes C-SPAN interview from December 18, 2005's Q & A show gives that impression. She describes how in 2002 - before Air America Radio was hatched - she and Big Ed were invited to a fundraiser at Sen. Mary Landrieu's house. Thirty Senators and other political operatives were at the lunch:
...RHODES: And I was invited to this lunch. And again, it was, you know, democrat senators with an interest in media and getting our message out. And they thought that – they had had 30 people that they had spoken two, and it came down to two that they really liked and thought could do it. And it was me and this guy [Ed Schultz]...

LAMB: From North Dakota?

RHODES: Yes. And he was there because Daschle was scarred.

LAMB: He's South Dakota, but he's from that area.

RHODES: Yes, I do that too. Anyway, I ...

LAMB: And they were going to select one of the two of you?

RHODES: They were – I don't know exactly what the plan was, I do now. I didn't that day. And all I know is that Ed got up and he made this big presentation. And then they looked at me and I thought was just there to have lunch. And I remember being terrific. I don't like public speaking, all that much. It's weird with people, you know, I'm so used to my little cubicle.

...RHODES: I didn't even know what I was supposed to be talking about. And the next thing I know I hear 250, 350. I hear and I think they're giving dollars, a silent auction, a charity. You know, they're giving to rescue aid. It turns out it was 250,000, 350,000.

LAMB: So these are business people in the...

RHODES: What it was, it was the best donors that the Senate could find for me. And this is the way Washington operates, so they were being kind.

LAMB: Did you like that when you saw that all of that?

RHODES: I hated it. I actually got on the air, and said I feel like I just got off the Amistad. I feel like I've just been on the slave auction block. Now I know what it feels like to be auctioned off.

LAMB: What were they going to do with the money?

RHODES: They were going to start a syndication for us. They were going to give us, you know, the money we needed to start it up.

LAMB: And Ed Schultz (ph) is now on Air America. [Actually, he's not a part of their network, he just appears on some of their stations -- BA]

RHODES: He took the money. I actually gave him the money that day. I stood outside. I did my broadcast in Washington that day. And I went downstairs and I said, you can have it. Whatever they raise, I don't want it. I'm just – first of all I'm not going to be mouthpiece for the party. I don't agree with a lot of the things that they say and do. And I need to be free to say so. I don't walk – I'm not a republican. I'm not a trained sheep. I'm not a lemming. I don't just follow...
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Do you want to win or what

Posted by: scott at March 10, 2006 03:23 PM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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