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December 11, 2005

Lifestyles of the rich and slightly famous "liberals"

Peak behind the velvet rope in this 'difficult to understand since you've never heard of anyone involved' story.

Flavia Colgan is apparently an MSNBC commentator who also posts at - where else - the HuffPost. She auctioned herself off on eBay - clean requests only please! - and a real estate developer won. However, he decided to give the winnings to two Iraq War vets. And, in an ironic twist as you'll see, the money raised goes to a... Boys & Girls club, although not Gloria Wise.

Now, for the promised irony:
Soltz and Zacchea [the vets] were to be limoed to the MSNBC TV studio in Secaucus, N.J., to meet program hosts Tucker Carlson, Joe Scarborough and Keith Olbermann. They'll watch Colgan tape a show with Carlson.

Then it's back to Manhattan tonight for a steak dinner and a bottle of Dom Perignon, a taping of Janeane Garofalo's "Air America" radio show and a round of parties at the Waldorf-Astoria.

Pennsylvania Society attracts most of the state's top politicians and the lobbyists, law firms and special interest groups that adore them. Soltz, who also served in Kosovo as a tank platoon leader, says he loves the Army and MSNBC. His favorite commentator is Scarborough, he said, "but a lot of 28-year-old guys in Iraq wouldn't mind being chauffered around New York City by Flavia Colgan."

Colgan, meanwhile, was sounding a bit like one of the blonde conservatives she often debates.

"Liberals often try to portray our soliders in Iraq as from poor backgrounds," she said. "I think it's condescending to say they had no option but to join the military. Both of these guys had tons of options, but chose to serve their country. "

Colgan's outfits for the evening were selected by Charlie Lapson, stylist for the hit TV show "Desperate Housewives," so watch out, guys.

The money raised by the auction will go toward the Smart Moves program, said Thierry Malley, state director of Pennsylvania Area Council of Boys and Girls Clubs.

"It's a character-building program for kids 6 to 18," Malley said. "We counsel them on making the right decisions, to stay away from drugs, alcohol and smoking."
Let's see: rich "liberals" limoing around and hobnobbing with lobbyists and special interest groups at a Hilton-owned ritzy hotel eating steak and drinking champagne. Money to be used to build character. Arianna connection. Garofalo connection. True liberals wouldn't rest until everyone in the world got their own steak and champagne.

Posted in Janeane at December 11, 2005 10:30 AM


I read this post twice and I still am confused on the people in it.

Simply put, liberals like to APPEAR charitable, while Conservatives ARE charitible. Just as Bill Clinton's schmoozing with Kim Jong Ill in North Korea APPEARED to do some good Madeline Albright with Kim Jong Ill (IMAGE)

Answers.com: Madeline Albright (HTML PAGE).

This simple explanation can be proven with many things with the Left versus the Right, like the Iraq War. It's one thing to throw some missles and call the job over (Clinton era) than actually having troops on the ground and getting the job done.

Or take the American solution with Iraq's behavior versus the European Union's endless talks with Iran's nuclear plants which are currently being built "against the wishes of the United Nations".

The Left is a joke, and hopefully Iran won't try to wipe us all off of the planet.


Posted by: insanehippie at December 11, 2005 04:37 PM

The Left is not a joke. Neither is the right. Most of you need to take a nap. No party has all the answers. No one group of people are always right. Don't you agree? If not, you probably advocate repealing the system of checks and balances put into the structure of our Constitution.

How about this? Why not try to think for yourselves for a change, recognizing that just because a person wraps himself in the flag, or claims to be a supporter of the troops, or aligns himself with all things Jesus, doesn't mean that he is right all or most or any of the time.

If you think the left is always wrong, you should know that it was the left who brought you the abolitionist movement (lefties were called Republicans then); the civil rights movement; workers rights; unions (can't deny they've done some good -- ask your 60+ year old blue collar dad or uncle); and other great policies. Not that the left has always gotten it right, but don't be so simple-minded as to believe that they never did.

Posted by: OneAmerica at December 13, 2005 10:48 AM

I am not sure how someone can find fault with two guys who just got back from putting their lives on the line for this nation (receiving bronze stars and purple hearts) to a lavish day which they richly deserve is beyond me. On top of that you fault the funding privately of after school programs that have nothing to do with one isolated scandal--a club I might add in a very conservative district in our state. Ironic still the PA society is a Republican affair by in large and the event she took them to was attended by Sen. Rick Santorum and Cong. Charliie Dent, Cong. Sherwood--they don't seem like ultra liberals to me. You also failed to mention she writes for many newspapers, not just Huffington post, I have seen her things on Frontpage.com is that a liberal outfit? Not last time I checked. If this site wants to be ataken seriously I am sure there are lots of things to criticize when it comes to individual liberals, Flavia is not one of them. Maybe you should familiarize yourself also with her bio which i have seen posted places and her writing--Divinity School, writing for Christianity Today. Wow yeah, real creep this girl is. Give me a break! She is on the rise.

Posted by: Cletus at December 16, 2005 07:53 AM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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