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January 28, 2006

Bobbing cork Mike Malloy shining light brightly on truth

A writer named Sheila Samples provides an extolment - nay, lionization - nay, idolization - of Mad Mike Malloy in "Who will tell the people?"
Mike Malloy is the canary in the political coalmine -- the bane of the Bush administration and of hypocrites of all stripes. He is a liberal gadfly whose light shines so brightly on the truth that even Air America struggles to keep him hidden under its late-night barrel. Far from being a "loose liberal cannon," Malloy has a solid background of writing, reporting, editing and broadcasting. He is a former news writer and editor for both CNN and CNN-international, and a former publisher of Atlanta's Creative Loafing newspaper.

...[Why does AAR hide his light under a bushel basket?] Because he is so damn good, that's why. Because the truth Malloy tells is raw, straightforward, stripped of all spin -- every word shoved right in the faces of those who have seized power to destroy the democratic safeguards of the U.S. Constitution, to steal elections, to abandon society's most vulnerable, and to slaughter their own citizens as a pretext for war. But even Air America knows that not everybody can handle the truth, especially in prime time. Malloy can be heard each night on Air America affiliate stations, the Internet, and on XM Satellite Radio, Channel 167. Missed programs are available at the White Rose Society website.

Each night, Malloy exposes the Bush administration for what it is -- a murderous, evil, lying, fascist regime. Each night, I am amazed that he has somehow managed to slip through enemy lines yet again to shout truth to power. He asks no quarter, and gives none, regardless of the consequences...
Is she serious? Yes, I'm afraid so.

But, if you feel you can crank it up just a notch - just one or two - feel free to have a go in the comments.

Posted in MikeWho at January 28, 2006 05:37 AM


I bet she has fantasies about Malloy's suggestion to beat the crap out of the founder of the Blogs For Bush website. Man, the hatred coming from the radical left is more poisonous than a Chernobyl meltdown.

Posted by: Scott at January 28, 2006 09:31 PM

Mike Malloy is a true American - you support policies that have resulted in the deaths of 30 to 120,000 Iraqis. Iraq was not a threat to America. All Mike Malloy does is tell the truth. I really don't understand how you can support Bush. If you want to help your country; pull out of Iraq, do some serious research on alternative fuels with the money you save, and then get Israel out of the occupied territories. The "threat" to America will be reduced by about 90%.

The really funny thing is how a country with millions of soldiers, thousands of nuclear weapons, bombers, fighters, aircraft carriers, etc. is utterly terrified of a few thousand hard-core Islamic fighters.

Next time Mike is on, try listening to what he says. Oh, by the way, 911 was an inside job. The towers (all three of them) fell at the speed of gravity. If you have any wit at all, find out what that means to you, your country and your family.

Posted by: gary_7vn at February 12, 2006 10:26 PM

Mike MAlloy is a bastard

Posted by: alok at February 14, 2006 03:17 AM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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