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April 05, 2006

David Brock, Al Franken, AAR demand "fair shake"

WASHINGTON, April 5 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Today, Media Matters for America will host an all-star panel discussion on progressive voices and the media. The forum, held in conjunction with Air America Radio's second anniversary, will address questions about balance in news coverage and what consumers of news can do to ensure accurate and reliable reporting. The panelists will seek to highlight -- and propose solutions to -- the narrow spectrum of opinion represented in the media, where liberal and progressive voices are often excluded from the public debate.

The event -- "Why Media Matters - Progressive Voices and the Media" -- will feature David Brock, Media Matters for America president and CEO; Eleanor Clift, Newsweek contributing editor; Al Franken, host of Air America Radio's The Al Franken Show; and Helen Thomas, Hearst Newspapers syndicated columnist.

"With insight and humor from an incredible array of panelists, this forum will spotlight and discuss the systematic underrepresentation of progressive voices in the media," Brock said. "Make no mistake: Conservatives dominate the news media, and forums like this make clear that progressive voices are willing to step up to the plate if just given a fair shake."
It continues:
"Air America Radio is on almost 100 stations across the U.S., and we continue to gain listeners month after month. Our ratings are surging ahead in Portland OR as well as other unspecified locations", AAR CEO Danny Golberg says.

"Despite the Bush Crime Family driving around my neighborhood in Atlanta and jamming our transmitters, we continue to get the truth out to the people," according to AAR overnight host "Mad" Mike Malloy.

"Look, you people. All we're asking for is a fair shake. The media is heavily biased against us. For instance, the New York Times has only given us free advertising dozens of times since our founding. Let's leave that minor Gloria Wise scandal in our past, and 'progress' as I continue to consider whether to run for Senate. In fact, we wouldn't have had to take money from a Boys & Girls Club if the federal government would only help us spread our message without having to constantly worry about our bottom line. Visit Franken for Senate! as I continue to consider whether I'm running!" a contrite Al Franken remarked.

Posted in Meta at April 5, 2006 10:54 AM


I found Air America just in time. I heard, once again, a voice for which I had been longing since about 1994, I guess. Thanx and keep fighting and turning up all the stuff you'll hear no place else.

Posted by: charlotte silverman at April 6, 2006 08:10 PM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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