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June 10, 2006

Randi Rhodes, Jerry Springer mourn for Zarqawi

Bill O'Reilly's people have been listening to Air America:
JERRY SPRINGER, AIR AMERICA: We never should have gone in from day one. Now — and I understand tens of thousands of people have been killed because we chose to go into Iraq. That is true. We killed a hell of a lot more people just by the decision to go into Iraq than ever died at the hands of Zarqawi.

...RANDI RHODES, AIR AMERICA: Even the White House press secretary says this today at the press briefing. He says if you look at some of the Al Qaeda memos to Zarqawi, where you had direct pleas -- will you please stop beheading people, it's bad PR. Then you have to say to yourself, my god, Al Qaeda is telling Zarqawi to cut the crap with the killing of the Iraqis. And yet, we haven't cut the crap with the killing of the Iraqis.

Is that unbelievably despicable or what? I mean, it is off the chart. The far-left blogs also spit out hateful propaganda. This from the Huffington Web site:

"How many people even heard of Zarqawi before Bush invaded Iraq? Bush made this guy into a hero and now he's taking credit for killing him."
Lest you think these are just isolated incidents of liberalism at its looniest:
Another [DailyKos] user named "ronik" expressed a similar sentiment: "If you agree with this killing, do you also agree with lynchings because people 'knew' the person was guilty and should be put to death? Also, do you support the death penalty? I don't, but at least those people have been put on trial. Why should it be different for this person?"

...another Daily Kos member offered consolation about Zarqawi's death, opining that, "This too shall pass."

...Some liberals thought Zarqawi had been given an unfair reputation. "How do you know 'he was guilty of masterminding suicide bombings and beheadings of innocent civilians'? Did you hear this on the MSM? Or are you privy to information the rest of us don't have access to?" asked Daily Kos user "Johann."
UPDATE: More here:
[Stephanie Miller was] playing clips of the Rose Garden Bush remarks and just mocking his accent. "He's extra-twangy today," mocked Miller. The show's impressionist started doing Bush in a William Buckley-esque Connecticut accent, implying the Texas talk is all phony.

Then they began joking "we're auditioning for a new boogey-man," as if Zarqawi was a phantom in a closet.

...Miller also suggested at one point that perhaps the picture of Zarqawi's corpse might reveal "smoke from dry ice," as if the U.S. was suspiciously delaying their victory for ultimate political gain?

[Randi Rhodes] was saying Zarqawi was our boy, someone we protected in the no-fly zone from Saddam Hussein, and then used as an excuse for war. A few minutes later, she complained it was a "sick, psychotic" day for news, and said the rulers of America were "imperialistic, hegemonistic....dictators."

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