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June 12, 2006

Robert Redford discusses plan for clean energy independence on Rachel Maddow Show

That's the punch line, here's the setup:
WASHINGTON, June 12 /U.S. Newswire/ -- With cameras rolling, talk show hosts ranting and bloggers raving, the "Progressive Media Row" at the Campaign for America's Future's annual "Take Back America" conference brings together the largest cross- section of top progressive media outlets. In plain view of more than 2,000 conference participants, the Progressive Media Row serves as a central work area for more than 100 progressive media outlets covering the largest gathering of progressive leaders and activists this year.

Kicking off the Progressive Media Row on Monday morning, Robert Redford held a roundtable with dozens of bloggers and went "live" on Air America's "Rachel Maddow Show" to talk about the Apollo Alliance's plan for clean energy independence.
This follows YearlyKos. In fact, participants must have jet lag since I believe that ended just yesterday.

All of which makes me wonder, who exactly is paying these bloggers to jet around the country? At least two of those participating in the TBA conference are employees of Media Matters for America, a group that admits it's received money from George Soros. As for CAF itself:
The Top Two Individual Contributors To Campaign For America's Future Were George Soros ($300,000) And Stephen Bing ($100,651). (Political Money Line Website, http://www.tray.com, Accessed 1/8/05)... Largest Contributors In 2002 Cycle Were UAW ($200,000), AFSCME ($189,000) And AFL-CIO ($130,000). (Political Money Line Website, http://www.tray.com, Accessed 1/8/05)
Why don't Soros, Bing, or one of the unions simply bankroll Air America Radio and keep it from going out of business? Part of the Rachel Maddow Show is sponsored by SEIU, why don't they just go whole hog?

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