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June 27, 2006

Sam Seder's thought processes are FUBAR

The New York Daily News' "Liberal pundit delivers a left hook to the right" offers an extolment of Sam Seder's latest book "FUBAR: America's Right-Wing Nightmare". It's "co-written" with Stephen Sherrill. Whether that means they actually worked on it together, or whether that means that Sherrill is the actual author and Seder just provided a few jokes here and there is unknown. It is also unknown whether this is a picture of the two authors.

What is known, however, is that Sam Seder is an idiot:
So [Sam] channels that frustration, he says, into satire - like rewriting Franklin D. Roosevelt's post-Pearl Harbor speech as he imagines it would have come out under current President Bush.

He figures it would have been delivered four days late, insisted none of his team had done anything wrong and finished by encouraging citizens to go out and do something - except not a massive war effort organized by big government because he hates big government.

Instead, he would suggest, "Go purchase a gun, maybe join a militia ... and make your way over to Germany."
That's cute, but Seder is clearly confused over even the broadest outlines of our president. Bush is a huge fan of huge government, as even many bright grade schoolers are no doubt aware. He just wants the huge government to benefit his supporters. And, those like Seder who fail to realize or acknowledge this help him in that goal.

As for the "militia" comment, if Seder is trying to say that Bush is on the right edge of things, perhaps he should take a gander at, just as one example, this. Seder is either woefully ignorant, or perhaps he's just uncomfortable with just how "liberal" our "conservative" president really is.

Turning to his night job:
"[Air America, the failed liberal network has] gotten another voice out there... It's helped the liberal infrastructure, bloggers. We've shown you can make money with a liberal agenda."
I'm no accountant, but isn't a "loan" from a Boys & Girls Club not really "making money"?

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