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August 03, 2006

Air America Radio New York City: WWRL 1600

This site extends a hearty congratulations to Air America Radio on the announced launch of their new sinking New York City flagship, WWRL 1600 AM. AAR is being transported via lifeboats from their previous sinking flagship, WLIB, and will be starting on the new station September 1.

Those who've followed AAR will have a twinge of deja vu. As with some of their other stations, listeners might have problems hearing it at night. And, as they did before, AAR will be displacing not just African-American programming, but programming for the Caribbean community:

We invite you to tune in every Sunday for a joyous celebration of the African American and Caribbean American experience.

WWRL has been serving the community since the 60s. Now, that joyous celebration will be snuffed out and replaced with Al Franken replays. For the greater good.

This site is going on record - feel free to jot this down - that the new outlet will share yet another similarity with the old: during at least one future ratings period, AAR's ratings will be lower than the ratings for the current programming.

Posted in Meta at August 3, 2006 09:11 AM


I live in Allentown, PA. In the past I got static when trying to Tune into 1190 AM. Apparently, Fort Wayne, Indiana has a very strong affiliate at that same frequency. Anyway, I get a much clearer signal at 1600 AM, for whatever it's worth.

Posted by: Mike at August 5, 2006 05:14 AM

As someone who can listen to both Sam Seder (WLIB, New York, New York) and Sean Hannity (WOWO, Fort Wayne, Indiana) simultaneously I must ask this question. Since Hannity has effectively elected Ned Lamont Senator of Conecticuit, so why doesn't he focus his attention on Lincoln Chafee? He still has 3 months to do that. Even though Hannity's a college dropout, he should still understand that he has a better chance at keeping a Republican seat if Chafee wins re-election. Or does Hannity have even less credibility in Rhode Island than he apparently has in Connecticuit? Does Hannity have fewer listeners than Sam Seder in Connecticuit, or do people there just take him less seriously?

Wow, I would have thought I'd get a response for a post like this one. Granted, neocons won't reply to my actual comments since they can't think for themselves, but come on, not even an ad hominem attack on me? That's all I'm looking for. Won't anyone even use one of my spelling errors to claim that the FCC should revoke Air America's license? Does anyone even read this site? It took 2 days for someone to comment on this story. Usually, neocons are all over things like this? What, are you guys spending ALL of your efforts trying to defeat Ned Lamont in the primary?

Hey, WOWO in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Effective September 1, 2006, you've just lost a listener. Oh well, at least there are still PLENTY of GREAT SEATS available for when Bill O'Reilly comes to the State Theatre in Easton, PA. Since I'm sure that all of his other shows are already sold out, you might want to catch him there while you still have the chance.

Posted by: Mike at August 5, 2006 05:42 AM

I'm not shocked wlib dropped aar the rumors have been flying for months now, but i am sad that lib will probaly not return to any of it's previous programming prior to aar, Funny how people get caught up in the signal game, but if my mem serves me correctly wwrl was a top nyc urban aka black music station back in the 70's, but i didn't hear much complaints about it's signal, and it always broke the hot r&b jams before the white aka top 40 mainstream wabc wnbc wmca radio did, so this guize about signals is just that.

plus wwrl does stream. I think where aar will get hurt is that again they had to rely on a struggling black station to find a home on nyc radio. One of the last reported reasons the sutton family gave as to why they dropped aar wasn't soley about ratings, but about the sutton family feeling aar reniged on a deal made when they let marc riley and wayne gilman go over to aar they thought aar would reach out to the african american community, peppy sutton felt they didn't, even aar's gm acknowleged that fact a few months back.

Be that as it may aar has got to stop relying on struggling black stations and struggling stations around the country in general to build itself up as a radio network.

As for wlib there has been alot of inaccurate speculation that wlib will be sold, I can tell u from their history, they like to keep things in house. That's why they never went public when the "radio ones" did. Also if the sutton family wanted to sell wlib they would of did so 2yrs ago instead going with aar in the first place.
AAR was supposed to provide the listenership and credibility to madison ave that they "wlib" felt they never got before leasing to aar in the first place, and madison ave an the arbitrons still said it didn't wash.

Either way WLIB will continue to lose credibility in the african american community.

And so will WWRL.

and so will aar atleast in the nyc market.

In a city that's known as the liberial capital of the US u have to ask yourself with somuch radio real estate how come aar can only find itself homes on struggling black stations that many feel have weak signals?

Posted by: radioscope at August 5, 2006 06:00 PM

This is a sad site. I'm posting this for the liberals because it seems that's who uses this sight. Its link is posted on Wikipedia so I thought I'd see what the dessenting opinions are. I've not seen one conservative opinion here based on facts or experience. They're based on emotions, name calling, and whatever Rush or Hannity says. As a liberal I hate to see sights like these, liberals are normal people too. Liberals aren't scary ogres, they're people with different opinions. I work sixty hours a week. I have a wife and two beautiful sons. I've never been on welfare. I've never performed an abortion, and I'm not a terrorist. It's not the difference of opinion thats hurting this country. Its hate-mongering. Please stop the stupidity.

Posted by: Max in tampa at August 12, 2006 05:12 AM

AAR tries to get more stations by buying the small isolated rural stations with few listeners.

This is like buying a captive audience with few options. They count a 5,000 watt rural station as being the same as a 50,000 watt major city burner.

Sorry Al, but your 'new math' does not work. It is just more liberal smoke and mirrors.

Posted by: John at August 12, 2006 09:25 PM

Air America Radio Needs to advertise better. How many billboards have you seen out there? Have a contest or two. Hand out tickets. Put flyers on peoples windshields,etc. Albeit, it was pretty rough at first, with all the swear words and smut. And I don't think mid America was ready for that. But that Rachel Maddow is a wonderfully sincere and informative anchor. What a great way to wake up in the morning. And you know, it's hard to find a good morning dj.

Posted by: Snapper at August 14, 2006 07:27 PM

Good bye you bunch of suckers! America doesn't believe in the idiotic venom you spew. The audience you're looking for won't be found on am radio. It is the last refuge for people with an IQ, other than fox news of course. You need to look for followers in places that require common sense to be checked at the door i.e.about any college campus staff meeting. The problem you will have is how outnumbered you are!!!

Posted by: ron ray at October 13, 2006 11:08 AM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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