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August 24, 2006

Sheldon attacks Bill "Mr. Huffington" Maher

I really don't know exactly what is the dynamic between Arianna Huffington and Bill Maher, but I do know it takes great big brass ones to call him "Another Hollywood Sellout" in a post at the Huffington Post. My congratulations to Sheldon.
...Everyone that is doing business in Hollywood entertainment is first and foremost promoting their own financial interests. The latest example is Bill Maher.

I read that his first guest on his new season starting tomorrow is Ann Coulter. I do not mean to interfere with Bill's sex life, but give me a break. Either she is totally self promotional or she is a psychopath spewing hatred across the media. In either case, Maher's audience should cringe at the sight of her on his show. Maher's explanation about his "libertarian" views requiring him to portray all points of view is a cop-out. He calls himself a libertarian because he does not have the courage to say that he may be a progressive. Most of the people who call themselves libertarians don't even understand what a libertarian believes in. But "Mr. politically incorrect" wants you to think that he is a libertarian.

Maher became a sellout when he apologized for making "politically incorrect" statements about the 9/11 hijackers. When you have a show called "Politically Incorrect" there should be no need for apologies since that is the name of your show. And don't give me that crap about the world was very different after 9/11. What Maher did was to suck up to his corporate masters and he was fired anyway...
Will Sheldon go the way of Melvin Duchovny?

UPDATE: Am I being taken in and are all of Shelly's posts and almost all the posts at the HuffPost simply linkbait? Oh well, two more won't hurt. First, Shel issues a "Bill Maher Retraction":
I just got a call from Arianna Huffington. She told me that Ann Coulter is not a scheduled guest on Maher's show tomorrow.
Then, he gives out his phone number. A few posts from others later, he issues forth "Bill Maher: A Retraction Clarification":
I want to make it clear that the retraction of my previous post only applies to the inaccuracy as to Coulter being a guest on his premiere show. Since Coulter has been a frequent guest on previous Maher shows, I do not retract any opinions about Mr. Maher and his hypocracies. Evidently I really struck a nerve with Maher and his producers to have gotton a call from Arianna.

Since others had the same "erroneous" information I had about her being a guest, I suspect that Maher had second thoughts about her being on the premiere show. I know that last year she was a premiere show guest.

It is bad enough that Maher has Hitchens on his show. I am a friend of Sidney Blumenthal and I cannot imagine a more disgusting back stabber as Hitchens who during the Clinton impeachment caused lots of problems for Sid because of his insane hatred of the Clintons. I put Hitchens in the same category as Coulter in terms of borderline psychopathic behavior...

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