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September 17, 2006

TP: Capt. Kirk foils Zantar scheme with AAR question

ThinkProgress is currently reporting that Captain Kirk of the Federation has foiled Zantar's latest scheme for world domination by asking the Klingon's megacomputer this question:

What is the current Air America schedule and how many different permutations are there of that schedule now and in the near future?

Needless to say, after working for a few minutes, smoke and steam soon began billowing from the computer, and the evil scheme was indeed foiled.

Judd Legum of Think Progress is also directing our attention to this DailyKos thread entitled "Shake-up at Air America Radio Formally Announced Today" from an AAR premium member (legal note: premium members and Associates may shoulder debt liability in case AAR declares BK; read the fine print on your tote bag). That refers to Friday's shakeup; by the time you read this there may have been several more. A comment there contains AAR's new tagline:

Air America has saved my sanity during the Bush administration.

Most other "liberals" were not so lucky. Note that this is not their new tagline:

As black women, there is nothing on there for us.

In true ThinkProgress style, I'm just going to repeat what the thread says without bothering to do even basic checking. Apparently this is/was/will be the new lineup:

5am-6: Mark Riley
6am-9: Young Turks
9am-12: Sam Seder
12pm-3: Al Franken
3pm-6: Randi Rhodes
6pm-8: Rachel Maddow

In other TP-style news, Thom Hartmann is starting to nose out Al Franken:

Portland's KPOJ is starting next week to carry Thom's syndicated show in place of Franken, in addition to his local morning show.

Denver won't be carrying Sam Seder:

Rachel will come on time-delayed after Randi (also time-delayed because Big Ed's on live...). Peter Werbe is following Rachel's show, along with some of the other AAR shows (EcoTalk, etc.). No Sam in that lineup :(


Rumor has it Mike Malloy may be going to Sirius now.


Kos won't hear Sam Seder in the a.m. since the S.F. outlet isn't putting his show on... We're getting Miller, Franken, Schultz, Rhodes, Ecotalk, Tom Hartmann, Bill Press, and a guy named Lionel on the San Francisco outlet.


QUAKE in S.F. replaces Rhandi with basketball during the basketball season. I think these are local games (I turn off the radio when it comes on). Quake Radio really blew it chances to have a larger audience by filling the weekend with quack supplement and real estate programs.

Someone else says they're also "obscure" things such as "Stanford basketball, SF State basketball."

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