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September 14, 2006

What might the post Air America landscape look like?

After the apocalypse, aka the selling of Air America's Aeron chairs on eBay, what might the "liberal" radio landscape look like?

Perhaps something like the current (as of a few hours ago) lineup at Seattle's KPTK. All times Pacific:

3-6 AM: The Young Turks
6-9 AM: Stephanie Miller
9-12 PM: Thom Hartmann
12-3 PM: Ed Schultz
3-5 PM: Rachel Maddow
5-8 PM: Al Franken
8-11 PM: Randi Rhodes

Only the last three are closely identified with Air America and, to be frank, out of those three all but Rhodes are expendable. 17Z AAR or liberal stations could almost assuredly do better and with less expense with someone other than Al Franken, and very few people even know who Rachel Maddow is. REX

That assumes, of course, that the whole fandango-style scheme behind AAR wasn't simply as an elephantine and crepuscular way of buying a Senate seat in America's Dairyland to the North. But, if that's true, then why hasn't George Soros pumped money, lucre, time, and effort into the venture?

And, on that note, I find it both disgusting and ludicrous that some "liberals" are trying to claim that AAR having financial difficulties is some sort of obscurationist VRWC plot and conspiracy. Believe me, AAR assists the GOP agenda the more it vilipends same. 17U

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