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October 16, 2006

Air America's real enemy identified!

Is the real enemy of Air America not The Conspiracy - aka the VRWC or "Jim's Bunch" (X9-OP) - nor their creditors, but centrist, "third way" Democrats like "strategist" Laura Schwartz?

The latter dares call herself a Democrat while not just dissing Air America, but supporting Rush Limbaugh, Taylor Marsh reports. Why, there's even video of the incident from Fox News. This activity of Schwartz' should encourage Party leaders to investigate her other activities.

I tried to post this following comment on the Youtube link above, but so far the NeoCon Lites at the DLC - apparently working with Youtube - have blocked my thoughts:
That "Democratic Party" "strategist" is so, so wrong. Air America Radio *is* the Democratic Party. Sure, Randi Rhodes had a little problem with an XMas tree a while back. But, she's a supporter of LIHOP. And, Al Franken is good friends with "independent" Bernie Sanders, someone who's basically a real Democrat. And, of course, there's (former host) Mike Malloy with his truthseeking and all like that.

Air America is the Democratic Party, and the Democratic Party is Air America!
I am going to be expanding this comment for a future post at my DailyKos diary, so keep your eyes peeled.

In other news, Brent Budowsky - as ever - has ideas.

And, Sheldon Drobny has pictures of the perpetrators of the AAR bankruptcy.

UPDATE: Sheldon Drobny now comments on Taylor Marsh's piece, informing us that "[w]e got no help from any power brokers and strategists either in the DNC or DLC." However, he also says that the "success of Countdown with Keith Olbermann is another example of alternative programming that is taking market share away from Fox." Of course, that "success" is relative, and Olbermann's average viewership is equivalent to everyone in Fontana, California tuning in to watch his rantings.

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